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There is a dreaded time in every child or teenager’s life, and it’s not starting school, or dealing with puberty (although, not great). It’s having to deal with your teeth. Although, in fairness, the prospect of getting braces may affect feelings towards school, which are probably complicated by puberty.

Parents know the time is coming too, and it can be stressful as well for them. The financial investment, although it pays off in the future, can be steep. What’s more, the youngster in question needs to exercise care and responsibility, lest the braces go to waste.

Sims Orthodontics in Pensacola, Florida, has long been a trusted name in Orthodontia, working to eliminate the stress felt by both parents and kids alike, and minimize the investment felt by all those involved.

Serving the community for 40 years, Sims Orthodontics provides quality family care, treating patients and patrons as family, which is why they’ve been successful for long.  Dr. James Sims has led the group since 2016, carrying on a belief in dedicated professionalism and personal investment championed by retiring Dr. Stephen Trawick.

Orthodontia, Explained

Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment irregularities with teeth and jaws. Most often, orthodontists employ braces to straighten teeth, although they may also serve to correct bites and gaps of teeth.

Because many orthodontics patients are children and teens, which as especially vulnerable mentally and emotionally, orthodontics don’t only need an extensive education in dentistry, but also an understanding of the affects of certain procedures and treatments on youngsters. Establishing a personal connection, earning trust, and becoming a stable and secure beacon in the community is essential to any practice. Sims Orthodontics has sought to make meaningful personal and communal connections for decades.


Dr. Sims has brought to the practice a particular expertise in Invisalign, a much more patient friendly and even enjoyable brace experience. Invisalign is removable, clear, and allows patients to digitally see what their beautiful results will be before they set out on their journey. Invisalign caters to teens in particular, with successful treatments ranging anywhere from six months up to two years. The ability to foresee the possibilities digitally helps motivated patients; Invisalign is mighty effective, but requires dedication on the part of the user.

With his Invisalign acumen, Dr. Sims and his staff are the forefront of dental technological innovation, including digital scans and x-rays, as well as cloud-based software and more efficient communication.

Community and global outreach

Dr. Sims and the practice work within the community to help those in need. He invests time and energy to help children with cleft palettes and other craniofacial syndromes, which can be both physically and emotionally draining on youngsters.  Dr. Sims also works with Mission of Mercy, among other groups to provide dental services in the area, while also donating much needed money to local teachers to help them fulfill needs for the classroom.

They don’t just stop at the community borders, however. Dr. Sims takes regular trips to the Caribbean and South America to provide much need dental services to children who have no access to them.





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