Sexo Es Vida! Someone who has a severe interest in the Spanish language knows what the saying means. Sexo Es Vida means sex is life, a quote which is present in daily newspapers in Spain. Historians will tell you that the phrase is quite apt.

Since ancient times, societies have revolved around sexual discourse. Well, there have been rulers who invaded a piece of land to claim their desirable mates. Even the stories which involve gods have sex at the center of them. Even before inventing new dialects, sexual discourse has always been at the center of medieval civilizations. After all, mammals can only reproduce through sexual intercourse. Many see it to ensure continuity of their generation, and many see it as a way to release stress from daily life. Sex has always been a topic of discussion and often a taboo in many civilizations. Some prefer to discuss it behind closed doors, and some are bold enough to come out.

Modern-day lives are rough and hectic. The effects are almost similar in all generations. Adults and senior citizens suffer from various physical and mental disorders due to their nature of work. It affects the person and the close ones around us. With all the work, there is less or no time for intimacy for many. It deteriorates personal relationships and intimate relationships. Over a long time, the distance and insecurities only grow more and more, and in the hustle-bustle of urban life, humans seem to have forgotten the daily pleasures. The drain of energy from work is too much for some to invest it elsewhere for many.

Many turn to chemical options to enhance stamina and the hormones which induce the hormones responsible for sexual attraction. It can cause long/short-term side effects in various consumers, which can be severe. The side effects can be dangerous to the body and mental hygiene too. To avoid the lingering side effects, users turn to safer alternatives. The market for natural products which enhance the hormones in both sexes is large. The new player in the organic market which can enhance the sexual tension is Kratom. Many consumers are trying to get their hands on premium bulk Kratom in the last decade or so.


The Marijuana-based market is large and full of many competitors. The new entry is Kratom. Kratom originates from the country Thailand. It is in Southern Asia and has tropical conditions in the climate. The product extracts from a type of marijuana tree, which is popular in the country. Kratom is widely known as divine or mystic food. In the mythology of Thailand, dragons have a place on the highest pedestal. They believe Kratom was a food for the dragons, making it an extremely part of the Thai culture. Thanks to globalization, Kratom spread across the world. In the United States of America, the product has done wonders.

The marijuana market in the United States of America generates more than 1600 million US dollars. A large part of this share comes from Kratom and its range of products. Kratom is available in the form of capsules, tablets, gums, tinctures, and many more. They vary based on packaging and potency. The most famous form among adults seems to be Kratom tablets, which are easy to consume and cause instant relief. Senior citizens tend to use more tinctures and gums as they are easy to intake.

There are many types of Kratom Strains, and they vary based on potency and other factors. Here we will discuss the top 5 Kratom strains for better sex life. 


White vein Kratom is the most popular strain in America. If you are a beginner, White Vein Kratom is the best way to start. It has mitragynine extract as its main constituent. The mitragynine extract interacts with the neural receptors and enhances the mood of the consumer. It gives instant relief from everyday stress and increases the energy in the body. The white version of Kratom is the least potent of the other options.


The Red Vein Kratom is a part of the everyday life of Americans. It is a bit higher in potency than the white one. More experienced users prefer this version of Kratom. They are good at relieving pain and serve as a great alternative to chemical-based painkillers. It has no long/short-term side effects. After a tiring day, Red Vein Kratom is the perfect way to relieve you from pain which helps in sexual activity.


Maeng Da Kratom is the most potent version when compared to other versions of Kratom. Only veteran users should try this because of the potency degree. This version of Kratom has several pain-relieving pain properties and relaxes the pain. It is the perfect way to relax the muscles of the user and induce hormones in the user. A relieved body is always a happy one, leading to more sexual intercourse.


Yellow Vein Kratom is similar to White Vein Kratom, and it just has a different drying method. This version of Kratom relieves the pain of the muscles and induces the hormones responsible for sex in both males and females. The responsible hormones are namely oxytocin and vasopressin. The effects of Yellow Vein Kratom last longer than White Vein Kratom.


The Green Vein Kratom is the least potent of the many strains in the market. It interacts with the neural receptors of the brain and improves the focus of the user. It increases the concentration of the user and increases productivity at daily chores. The effects of Green Vein Kratom lasts for a short amount of time. It is the perfect strain for users who are new in the large Kratom field.


In ancient times, sex was seen as taboo and primitive. The modern world has transformed it into an act of pleasure and a mix of science. It is natural to get some help with Kratom strains. Specialists recommend considering prescriptions and devising a planned dose schedule. Kratom has no short/long-term side effects on the consumer, making it unique in the large marijuana market. With time, more and more adults feel comfortable enough to seek advice on the sexual problems they face. With more clinical trials, more and more specialists will start recommending Kratom strains. It can be the best option to solve all your sex problems.


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