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What Is Finasteride And How It’s The Practical Solution To Male Pattern Baldness

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Sporting a beard does not add age to a man, it adds superpowers. When you grow a beard, you suddenly can chop wood with one hand or throw an axe and hit a bullseye, but when you start sporting a balding head, that is an entirely different story.

All of a sudden, all your friends would want to assist you in your walking. Now you need a cane. You might even feel like the only productive thing you can do with your time is think about the days when you still had your full glorious mane. It is understandable why some men take measures from just to get their full head of hair back.

If you’re experiencing male pattern baldness, you have several options: one, you accept the fact that you’re gonna wallow in pain for looking too old for your age; two, you get yourself those expensive hair transplants that guys like most filthy rich businessmen probably do; and third, you consider other proven treatments such as Finasteride.


We’ll make the choice easier for you: Choose the third option.

Finasteride, also known by the brand name Propecia, is a hair loss remedy in the form of a pill. So you ask, how does it work? Here’s the lowdown:


The Science Behind Baldness


This is not some voodoo sh*t.

You can blame your genes or your hormones. Reality is, you go bald because your hormones cause your hair follicles to shrink. This in turn makes your hair thinner and shorter as time goes by until you bid your hair goodbye.

Unfortunately, it is given. Most men (about 85%) will go bald by the time they reach the young age of 50.

Why, you ask? Because testosterone.

And you thought you grow all hairy because of testosterone? Then, allow me to correct you brother. Male pattern baldness is caused by your hormones, particularly your testosterone.

Testosterone turns into dihydrotestosterone, more commonly known to smart people like you as DHT. It is DHT that causes your hair follicles to start getting smaller and smaller until you lose the capacity to grow hair (so if you think you’re oozing with testosterone, think again).


The Down Side Of Hair Transplant Surgery

Now that you know what causes baldness, it’s time to think how baldness can affect you. Some say the only thing that can reverse baldness is surgery and they were honest enough to admit that aside from being costly (ranging from about $8,000 to more than $20,000 depending on the surgeon), there are a lot of downsides from going under the knife just to reverse baldness. It’s losing a patch of hair from another part of your body.

Hair transplant surgery is obviously transferring one patch of hairy skin from your body to your balding head. You have to pay the price if you don’t want to be bald.

Now you have to think hard. Is a hair transplant really worth it? Probably not.


The New Science Of NOT Getting Bald


Contrary to what some people claim, there are solutions available to prevent or reverse hair loss aside from surgery. We are talking about Finasteride.

So what does Finasteride do? Finasteride won’t make you as strong as a raging bull, but it will make you feel like you bathe in confidence. Why? Because you finally have a practical solution to your balding problem.

Imagine not having to worry about what other people think about your baldness. Imagine going out and feeling like you’re 30 or even 20 years old again. With healthy hair on your head, that’s completely possible.

Here’s the science. Finasteride prevents the conversion of your testosterone to DHT and in turn, it prevents your hair follicles from diminishing. Finasteride also reduces that amount of DHT in the scalp. Plus, it stimulates hair growth by disrupting the DHT.

Just like magic, right. But don’t worry, everything here is legit.

Is Finasteride safe? Is it recommended? Definitely. Finasteride is prescribed by doctors and it is FDA approved!

How about results? Now that is the right question. 83% of those who used Finasteride stopped losing hair, while 66% grew their hair back.

You may have already considered Minoxidil. Well, Finasteride works better than Minoxidil, but they work better together. For guys like us, when we look at solutions, it’s not always choosing one over the other. It’s about getting all in for maximum results. Apparently, combining Finasteride and Minoxidil achieve better results in combating and even preventing male pattern baldness. HIMS also carries a Complete Hair Kit, for baldness that can be optional for hair regrowth.

If You’re Part Of The Unlucky 85%, You’re Still Lucky

Thinking that you’re bound to lose your crowning glory is plain unlucky and you might be thinking that there must be something you can do about preventing or reversing this curse that 85% of us, men suffer.

No need to fret though because from simple to drastic measures you can do to keep your full head of hair, this falls more under the simple, practical, and cost-effective.

Thanks to Hims, an affordable Men’s grooming brand, you can say goodbye male pattern baldness and prevent hair loss in its tracks. Hims offers various treatments plants and hair kits that can help you deal with this rarely-talked about male problem. You’ll love the brand’s minimalist packaging and the convenience of ordering.

Think you’re too young to deal with hair loss? The company’s philosophy is to “to do something about it while you still have some.”



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