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How Can a Person with SDT Find a Partner?

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Experts estimate that one in five people in the US has some form of STD. There are many different sexually transmitted diseases such as:

  • genital herpes,
  • genital warts,
  • HIV,
  • AIDS.

People with such conditions usually cause negative emotions in others. Often people with sexually transmitted diseases cannot find their soulmates because of others’ delusions or fears. When a potential partner rejects you because of these reasons, it can be very upsetting and can demoralize you.

So What to Be Done?

Still, not everything is so grim. There are various dating sites for people with STDs. These sites make it easier to find like-minded people with such conditions who are looking for any kind of relationship.

Some of the features include chatrooms and the ability to see who is nearby in your area, as well as what they want from a date (casual, friends, or relationship).

For example, one of the most common STDs is genital herpes. And on the Internet, there are special dating sites for people with just such conditions. For more information about these sites, visit the “Best Herpes Dating Sites” page.

However, dating sites do not just focus on people with herpes. Thus, on the “Best STD Dating Sites” page, you can find a list of sites for people with any form of STD.

And by visiting this page, you can read reviews about the “Positive Singles” dedicated site (Positive Singles Reviews).

Advantages and Disadvantages of STD Dating Resources


  • No possibility of disease transmission. If you decide to meet someone with the same disease as you have, you do not need to worry that you can infect your partner. Of course, you should not completely neglect contraceptives, but you are unlikely to be pressed or worry about transmitting your disease.

  • No need to reveal your condition. When you meet ordinary people, sooner or later there comes a time when you need to talk about your condition. This moment can scare you because you do not know how your partner will react to your words. On the other hand, when you meet on dedicated sites or applications, your partner knows about your disease in advance. Of course, you still can have such conversations, but you are always sure that you will not face the overreaction of your partner.

  • Getting support and help. Many STD dating apps offer more than just meetings and datings. Here you can also find help in getting over and treating your disease, support from others, as well as names of clinics that can be useful to you.


  • Relatively few people. When using popular dating apps like Tinder, you expect a large number of people to choose from. Unfortunately, you will not find that many profiles on STD dating apps or sites.

  • Contributes to the SDT stigmatization. Some people believe that STD dating sites only separate people with diseases from others and stigmatize them. They believe that the developers of such resources try to push people with HIV/AIDS or any other SDT away from the rest.

Either way, if you live with an STD, using dating resources for people with such diseases can be a lifesaver. These apps and sites can help you feel that you are not alone, offer support and help when you need it. Many people have already found their soulmates because of such tools. The decisions are yours alone.


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