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Medicinal, Therapeutic And Cosmetic Uses Of Cannabis

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Most people recognize cannabis as a plant used for recreation and a smaller proportion are aware of its medicinal properties. What many still don’t know is the versatility of that plant.

Currently, there are many seeds that have come on the market due to multiple research and crosses, seeking to enhance or diminish some characteristics giving them medical, therapeutic and cosmetic uses. Want to know all the benefits of cannabis?

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With the passage of time, the power of cannabis has been demonstrated in the medical area, since it allows to alleviate strong pains, even of patients with cancer or degenerative diseases like Parkinson, taking them to improve their quality of life and being an alternative to drugs. These are just some of the many diseases on which cannabis has had positive results.

The same happens in the therapeutic area where the use of cannabis helps patients with depression, stress, improves insomnia, treatment for children with ADHD and emotional problems, among others. One of the most used products is CBD oil, which has similar effects in efficacy to antidepressant drugs, but without their side effects, besides being legal in Spain.


Another type of cannabis used to relieve disorders such as anxiety, ADHD, migraines, and bipolar disorder is Alaskan Thunder Fuck, a high-potency Sativa strain with 12 – 15% THC.

After so many studies and researches, the medical use of cannabis has been endorsed and even legalized in several countries, leaving behind only its recreational use and taking it towards medicine.

One area where you can also benefit from cannabis is in the world of cosmetics. It is normal to find creams, masks, lipsticks with soothing effects, oils, serums, among others. They are made from cannabidiol or Hemp, a type of the cannabis sativa plant.

So much has been its boom and so many benefits it offers to the face, hair, in addition to the smoothing and moisturizing effect for the skin, that companies from the United States, Canada and Israel are making investments in this area.

Let’s leave behind the prejudices, studies are showing that not only can you give a playful use to this plant, you have to take advantage of all its benefits, since it is found in such basic products as cosmetics. In what you least expect and without knowing, you will be applying a rich moisturizer or painting your lips with a product made with cannabidiol.







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