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Seven Kitchen Renovations That Will Totally Transform Your Space

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Working from home has become much more common in the past few years. Spending all that time in your house or apartment, you start to see your space with a critical eye. One of those places is the kitchen. You’re in there every day, wouldn’t it be nice to jazz it up a bit? Even minor changes can completely upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen.

Whether it be something as large as adding or moving cabinets, or something as simple as investing in new cookware like ceramic non-stick pans, let’s look at a few ideas for updating your kitchen to a room you’ll want to hang out in all the time.

1. Add a Kitchen Island

Granted, you’ll have to have the space to be able to do it, but if you do, adding an island can totally change the identity and flow of your kitchen. An island gives you a centerpiece. If you add chairs or stools to it, you now have a place for others to congregate while you prepare a meal. It could also be a solitary spot for you to enjoy a cup of coffee. The island expands your cooking workspace, leaving the rest of the counter space open for new appliances or anything else you want to keep on hand.

2. Refresh Your Cabinets

Refinishing your cabinets will make your kitchen look like it’s had an entire makeover. Maybe the stain on your cabinets is too dark? Lighten it up and it will brighten the entire room. Refacing the cabinet doors can modernize the look of your kitchen without the expense of replacing your whole kitchen. It’s not just the doors either, you can update the hardware of your cabinets as well. Replacing the handles with something new or sleeker will also accomplish a new look and feel for your kitchen.

3. Invest in Ceramic Non-Stick Pans

A sleek, new, set of ceramic non-stick pans gives your kitchen a look of elegance. Most people keep their pans in the cupboard, but with many colors to choose from, you’ll want to consider storing them out in the open on hangers or a rack so you can enjoy them around the clock. Ceramic non-stick pans are a high performance, non-toxic, upgrade to your old pans that you won’t be able to stop staring at.  

4. Update Your Appliances

How long has it been since you’ve updated your appliances? Is your dishwasher making a weird noise? Has your microwave been a little wonky? Much like adding ceramic non-stick pans, updating your appliances to give them matching color or finish gives a whole new look and uniformity to your kitchen. You will love the feel of having new appliances and the updated features will add to your ease in the kitchen.

5. Try Some New Lighting

Changing the lighting in your kitchen is another relatively simple way to give the whole room a new look. Going from a bland overhead light to attractive hanging light fixtures or wall sconces can transform your kitchen. It’s an opportunity to make some fun and exciting home design choices.

Does your kitchen feel dark? Are you constantly wishing you had better lighting when you’re cooking so you can see what you’re doing? Updating your kitchen lighting is not only attractive, but also functional as well. The possibilities for kitchen lighting are endless, so get creative and explore your lighting options. 

6. Swap Out Your Fixtures

Another way to update the style of your kitchen is through your fixtures. Maybe your sink is looking a little plain? Swapping out the fixture for a new one gives you lots of possibilities. You can have single or double handles, or pull-down or pull-out options. Are you a pasta lover? You can even add a pot filler faucet. A new faucet lets you modernize your kitchen or give it an old-fashioned feel, depending on your choice of design.

7. Add a Backsplash

Installing a new backsplash is a great way to give your kitchen some color and texture. It’s a real attention grabber. Tiles with bold patterns or bright colors will instantly make your old kitchen walls pop with vibrance. With so many styles to choose from, the opportunity to reframe and redefine your kitchen with a new backsplash will be too good to pass up.

Go For the Kitchen of Your Dreams

A little work will go a long way toward giving your kitchen a brand-new feel. Whether adding an island, new lighting, ceramic non-stick pans, a backsplash, or just updating your cabinets, appliances, or fixtures, the love you put into your kitchen will come back to you again and again as you transform it into your new favorite room.


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