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How to Dress Like a Cool E-gamer

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Gaming has established itself in the modern-day entertainment industry.

Aside from playing, many now stake in leading esports betting sites on ESports games. With the expanding nature of the industry, many focus on the playing and betting aspects and pay little attention to their dressing. 

Although gamers are professionals, there is no rule compelling them to a specific mode of dressing. But there are some trends in their choice of what to wear. Looking into this, our article discusses how to elevate your dressing as a gamer.

Elevating Your Esports Dressing Style

We believe you must have seen players in action repeatedly in distinctive customs as a team or individuals. Observations reveal that they dress like regular individuals. For instance, we let some factors like comfort, fashion preference, and others influence our clothes; the same applies to Esport players. Meanwhile, the following tips will help dress you nicely as an e-gamer.

Try Casual Clothing With Cool Graphics 

Casual clothes are quite comfortable for everyone. Considering the length of time involved in gaming, wearing something comfortable is ideal. Jeans, Sweatpants, T-shirts, and hoodies allow free movement and help maintain comfort for a long gaming period. 

You can spice things up with graphics on your T-shirts or hoodies. Your Esports team logo or favourite characters can blend with your style and profession. All these combine to aid your styling and allow free movement, helping you endure playing for hours. 

Wear Stylish Athletic Wear

Modern athletic wear is another suitable kind of outfit for players. Sporting athletic wear helps you stay stylish and edgy while performing your duties. Most are made from lightweight fabrics and breathable mesh, keeping you comfortable. 

A long row of hangers with clothes in a store in Shoreditch. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

You can also maintain coolness and dryness regardless of how long you play with them. Considering the colours of your outfit is equally important. This will enable you to match them with different outfits. You should try colours like black, grey, navy blue, and others that easily go with different colours.

Don’t Forget Functional Footwear

You shouldn’t forget your footwear while playing. Even when you play in your room or at your team’s studio, your shoes should complement your clothes. It is essential to assess your comfort and the length of play before picking one. 

Talking about comfort, shoes with cushioned midsoles and thin soles will give your foot the support they need for long hours of gaming. Also, consider pairing your sneakers with socks that suit your personality. This will help you enjoy your gaming session with no worry about discomfort. 

Complement Your Outfit With Gaming Accessories

After making your preferred choices of dress, you can augment your styles with suitable accessories. Although not everyone loves them, some are essential. For instance, backpacks are needed for transporting your equipment; you may also complement your outfit with wristbands and hats. 

Selecting accessories themed after your chosen games improves your style. Backpacks, watches, caps, or others with gaming graphics will help display your personality to others. You can even customize them with your game avatar or nickname.

What Influences Players’ Choice of Wear

It’s no news that gamers don’t dress the same way, since the industry has no designated uniform. We believe many factors influence how each player decides to dress. Some of the factors we noticed are:

  • Personal Style and Preference: Every player has their preferred choice of dressing, which guides their daily lives. These often reflect on their gaming apparel, especially when not playing for a team. Because the industry allows them to put on what they like, each gamer will pick whatever they prefer.
  • Convenience: Comfort is another important factor affecting what gamers put on. Different people are comfortable wearing different types of clothing. This is often reflected in their electronic gaming wear, since comfort usually encourages efficiency.
  • Team Uniform: Each team has unique apparel to distinguish itself. This also impacts the mode of dressing of e-gamers, especially in tournaments. If you belong to a team, you must dress like others to show you belong with them. The clothes usually feature the team names, logos, sponsors’ names, etc.

Keep It Stylish but Convenient 

Gamers can dress as they like, especially while playing from home. However, a team player must be ready to be in uniform with his teammates. This, coupled with other factors, may impact your style of outfit. While maintaining your team Uniform, you can style it with a matching backpack, accessories, etc., to keep yourself classy.


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