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Sailun Tires

You need to make a business trip quickly. Do you turn to a commercial flight and pay a hefty rate for that last minute flight? How about flying standby and hoping you get lucky? There’s a third alternative to consider and that’s contacting a charter service and finding out if they have any empty legs going your way.

Empty legs occur when a charter company has a booking for a flight to an area, but no passengers for a return flight. You get to tag along and make it to your client in plenty of time. Along the way, here are some of the benefits that you get to enjoy.

You Don’t Have to Wait Long to Get on the Way

Assuming there is a flight scheduled for your destination, there’s no waiting. All you have to do is grab whatever you need and get to the airport. The learjet will be waiting when you arrive. Perhaps someone else calls and is also going the same way. If so, the jet will leave as soon as all of you are there.

You Don’t Mind Sharing the Flight

The nice thing about empty legs is that there is usually not many people on board. It may be you, another passenger, and any crew needed to manage the flight. That makes it all the easier to stretch out, get some work done if you need to, and in general enjoy a pleasant flight.

The Cost Is Often Lower Than You Expect

You might think that taking your chances flying standby or paying a tidy sum for a last-minute ticket on a commercial flight would be less expensive. That’s not necessarily the case. The charter company has to fly that Learjet back to the city of origin even if it’s empty. That means having even a few passengers on board makes the flight generate some income. For that reason, you’ll find that the charter company is often willing to provide you with a great deal on the fare.

Your Seat is Confirmed Immediately Rather Than Having to Fly Standby

With empty legs, charter companies love to fill as many seats as possible. When you call to see if they happen to have any flights that are destined for your destination, they are happy to provide you with a seat confirmation at once. If there are already a few people who have claimed seats and there is an approximate departure time, the staff will let you know. In most cases, you’ll have enough time to get to the airport and settle in without having to rush.

The next time you need to make a business trip at the last minute, don’t assume that a commercial flight is the only option. Call a charter service and ask if they have any empty legs flights that are going to your destination. If they do, you could be safely in your seat on a Learjet within a couple of hours and ready to take off.



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