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A Look Inside Graze Gastro Grill & Bar

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GRAZE Gastro Grill & Bar gives you a quiet atmosphere within a buzzing city neighborhood. Located right in City Walk Dubai, you’ll get to surround yourself with the bustle of metropolitan shopping extravagance while keeping to your laid-back dinner atmosphere. One of the best steakhouses and grills in Dubai, GRAZE boasts the best balance between fresh food and relaxed surroundings.

GRAZE Gastro Grill & Bar La Ville Hotel & Suites City Walk Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of GRAZE Gastro Grill & Bar

The Place

GRAZE is one of La Ville Hotel & Suites’ restaurants, but its ideal City Walk location allows just about anyone to walk in off the street and enjoy lunch or dinner. City Walk Dubai is one of Dubai’s most popular outdoor retail complexes and boasts a mixture of locals and tourists alike. You’ll experience all the authenticity of Emirati culture with just as much shopping and entertainment stops. It’s a great place to spend the day, and what better restaurant than GRAZE to visit for your midday shopping break? 

City Walk Dubai GRAZE Gastro Grill & Bar
Photo: Ayman Hbeichi // Shot on Google Pixel 3

GRAZE has both an outdoor terrace that overlooks City Walk and a spacious indoor dining room. Their outdoor decor is simple, sleek and features beautiful wooden tables. You’ll see some of their signature checkered wooden tables, which I thought was a really nice addition to the modern-contemporary environment. They certainly mix elegance with relaxation and family-friendly, romantic, and business atmospheres alike. The décor certainly goes to highlight the balance that this fresh and urban steakhouse promises.

The Eats

If it isn’t clear by now, I highly recommend having dinner here the next time you’re in Dubai. Especially if you appreciate a good steak. They take their grill very seriously and cook all their meats in their wood-fired Josper oven. This retains all the natural juices, making sure you get a succulent cook every time. I started with the Octopus and then went right into mains. Everything was simple, but cooked to perfection.

City Walk Dubai GRAZE Gastro Grill & Bar
Photo: Ayman Hbeichi // Shot on Google Pixel 3

The Octopus sitting on top of crispy potatoes, chimichurri sauce, smoked paprika and Labneh. The combination worked so well together and the Labneh gave it a real middle eastern twist.

City Walk Dubai GRAZE Gastro Grill & Bar
Photo: Ayman Hbeichi // Shot on Google Pixel 3
City Walk Dubai GRAZE Gastro Grill & Bar
Photo: Ayman Hbeichi // Shot on Google Pixel 3

Finished with a de-constructed S’mores dessert. It was a perfect end to a wonderful dining experience.

The Vibe

The service was on point and I had 3 or 4 different people checking on me which really spoke to their team environment. They delivered everything on time and had great energy through-out the whole dining experience. They were attention to detail and it showed. It wasn’t too busy when I went as it was right after the weekend and everyone is in work mode that day. However, it is more on the casual, family friendly style restaurant and not too stuffy for a steakhouse. Being part of the La Ville Hotel & Suites, you really get that boutique feeling here and I highly recommend checking out GRAZE the next time you’re in Dubai.


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