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Top 9 Apps for Traveling to the Philippines

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Traveling to foreign countries in Asia can be both fun and challenging. There are so many things to enjoy if one can get past the frustration of dealing with language barriers and logistical issues.

In recent years, technology has made it easier to enjoy wonderful countries like the Philippines. While the Philippines is still technically a third-world country, even they have been somewhat modernized through the help of mobile apps that make traveling to the Philippines a lot easier and more enjoyable.

If you are preparing to visit the Philippines very soon, here are 9 apps you should download onto your mobile devices today and enjoy legit online lending apps.

1. Google Translate

Even though English is a second language in the Philippines, you might still encounter language issues in some of the provincial areas. In the Philippines, they actually have multiple languages including Tagalog (mother tongue), Bisaya, and waray. Google translate can give you the help you need to say and understand basic words and phrases. 

2. Google Maps

As a traveler, you might want to go it on your own and rent a car. With a lot of traffic covering a large area around major cities like Cebu and Manila, you might need a little help getting from one place to another. Just like at home, Google Maps can get you pretty much anywhere you want to go.

3. Grab

The taxis in the Philippines can be a little expensive, and cab drivers are not always honest with tourists. Grab is by far the most prominent online taxi service in the country. They also do food deliveries and deliver packages in local areas.

4. FoodPanda

If you have a desire to eat in your hotel room, you will want to look for the FoodPanda app. FoodPanda offers vouchers on their delivery services for thousands of restaurants in the Philippines. 

5. XE Currency

In some places, U.S. dollars are preferred. Otherwise, you would need to convert your currency to the Philippines Piso. To make sure you get a fair exchange rate, XE Currency will keep you up to date on exchange rates by the minute.

6. AirBNB

If you would be interested in accommodations that are homier than a hotel, Airbnb can help direct you to nice condos and houses that are available for rent by the day, week, or month.

7. Triposo

In some of the provincial areas, Wi-Fi signals could be weak or nonexistent. Triposo is an offline database that’s available for download. The site provides info regarding tourist attractions, restaurants, and hotels.

8. Wi-Fi Map

We depend heavily on our ability to communicate 24/7/365. If you are not sure where you can get good Wi-Fi access in the Philippines, Wi-Fi Map can pin your location and lead to the closest hotspots.

9. Lazada

No matter what kind of merchandise you might need while traveling in the Philippines, you can most likely find it at discount prices from Lazada. The delivery rates are reasonable and the service is fast.


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