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Vapes on a Plane – The Essential E-Cig Travel Guide

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Recently I’ve been flying more regularly with my vape, so I’ve put together some advice for those looking to travel on commercial airlines.

Unlike smoking, travelling with your vape can be a little complicated. The rules regarding vaping are constantly changing so it can be hard to know exactly where you stand. If you’re considering flying with a vape it is vital that you keep yourself informed on current regulations and follow flight etiquette at all times. If you ignore the rules, it will reflect badly upon the whole vaping community, which could make it harder for vapers to travel down the line.

If you’ve already booked a flight and are looking to travel with your vaporiser, you might find yourself concerned about airline regulations. Below are some of our top tips and things to watch out for when travelling with e-cigarettes.


Top Tips for Vaping Abroad

In this article I’m going to clear up some of the common misconceptions around air travel and e-liquids. Below we take a look at some of the best practises for carrying your equipment abroad. Take the advice and be assure, vaping abroad will be a comfortable process.


Stock up with Spares

If you’re going to be traveling away from your usual home for some time, it’s always advised to stock up on the core vaping essentials. US made e-liquids are generally of the highest quality on the international market, so it’s an idea to stock up on e-liquid and some space replacement coils before you travel. In addition, it can be very difficult to source replacement parts abroad, so it’s very important to ensure that you bring the right equipment with you to keep vaping.


Keep your kit in your Carry-on Luggage

Due to a spate of overheating and exploding battery-operated devices, you won’t be able to store your battery mods in the hold. From now on, you’ll need to take your battery-powered devices, such as e-cigarettes, vape pens and all other powered devices and place them in your hand luggage.

It’s important to make sure your mod is switched off too. You don’t want it firing off in your bag! In theory, the two should not be connected away, as below.


Place your liquids and tanks in a clear plastic bag

You’ll need to detach the liquid tank from the mod and store it in a clear plastic bag along with your toiletries for inspection.

Generally most airlines have restrictions that cover your ability to carry liquids when flying, so it’s quite likely that your vaping equipment will be subject to a security inspection. To cut down on time lost as a result of inspection, it’s a good idea to pack your liquids and clearomizers into two different transparent plastic bags.

It’s also a good idea to wrap the equipment in a cloth or kitchen roll so that the glass doesn’t break and so that any leaks will be absorbed. The last thing you want is e-liquid all over your possessions!


Carry it upside down!

If you’re travelling with a tank loaded with e-liquid, it can be an idea to store the tank upside down during take-off in order to prevent any awkward spills. This can occur because of the pressure build up in the cabin which forces the e liquid down and eventually out of the airflow holes.


Don’t bring full e-liquid bottles

Due to increased air pressure, it’s not uncommon for bottles of e-liquid to expand during take-off. The best way to minimize the damage is to fly with bottles that are only half full, so the liquid has room to expand without putting strain on the bottle. So if you want to be extra sure there are no problems, you can take some pipettes to suck out some of the air.


Don’t vape during the flight

May seem obvious to some, but not all, I assure you!

If you’re thinking about living dangerously and vaping in flight, think again. No airlines allow the use of e-cigarettes whilst flying and you may set off the in-cabin smoke alarms which will have serious consequences. By vaping on flight you could frustrate other passengers and incur serious penalties, regardless of whether you’re using a device with minimal vapour. Put bluntly, it’s simply not worth it.



If you find the above suggestions to be too much hassle, you can cut down on the amount you have to do by carrying a disposable e-cig which you can discard before boarding. If you get desperate you can always buy cheap cigarettes abroad! You’ll always be able to pick vaping back up once you return.

In addition, it can be very difficult to source replacement parts abroad, so it’s very important to ensure that you bring the right equipment with you to keep vaping. For a complete guide to vaping devices, you can check out this website.


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