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3 Reasons Why Music Star Temple Naylor Started Making Music

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History has witnessed the extraordinary effects of music and its ability to initiate a revolution. While it has played an immense role in popularizing new ideologies, it has also successfully handed down national traditions and values from generation to generation. With thoughts processed into music, they are meant to become immortal.

Temple Naylor is an independent music artist who has influenced thousands of minds with his music. Since his childhood, he has always regarded music as necessary in one’s life and loved how it expresses true feelings and emotions. For him, music is not just for pleasure, it is a unique method of expression that can change lives.

As a student of science, Temple understands that music can boost your memory, reduce anxiety, and make you happier and healthier. Here he shares three reasons why you start making music. The only condition is, you have a creative streak.

1. Music Reduces Stress

Feel stressed out and anxious because life is too hard? Well, music is one of the best ways to cure you of that, according to Temple. Research on cancer patients has observed the profound effects of music on patient anxiety and how it has been able to enhance the willpower of those lost in the gloom of disease. Temple has personally felt the power of music on his depression and anxiety, as it helped him defeat the ghosts within his mind and empower himself by indulging himself in making music.


2. Music Makes You Happy

There is no denying the fact that music is impactful. It has the power to make you happy in life and enjoy the company of those around you. It is the perfect groove you need to boost your energy and make life worth living. Temple believes that as a musician, the best feeling for him is when his music brings a smile to people’s faces.

3. Perfect Form of Expression

Music is the ideal way to express your emotions. Humans constantly need to express their thoughts. Ideas and feelings because bottling them inside or disregarding them are equal to self-harm. Temple suggests music can express your true self when all other ways of expression fail.

Temple believes music is the best thing that has ever happened to him in his entire life because it has not just given him fame and power over people, but it has changed his life for the better. He accredits his music to be the reason behind his optimism and joy in life. And that is what he wants to bring to others too.


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