Drake Increases His Carbon Footprint With New “Air Drake” Private Jet

Drake rapped about the dangers of climate change in “Heat of the Moment”, but that didn’t stop him from splashing out a ton of cash for a brand-new “Air Drake” private jet. Using this jet is definitely going to increase the rapper’s carbon footprint, but it’ll get him from Point A to Point B in the highest style.

According to Businessinsider.com, the private plane is valued at a whopping 185 million bucks and will seat 30 people in comfort. It’s a Boeing 767 jumbo jet which has been modified to suit his needs.

This new private plane is the end result of a long-time collaboration between the Canadian hip-hop star and Cargojet. Cargojet is an airline based in Canada. Drake issued a statement about the partnership. He said that offering support to Canadian businesses is always a priority. When he had the opportunity to work with Cargojet, he jumped at the chance.

This Private Jet Has It All

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Tour of Drakes new plane

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This private plane is a plush ride. Glimpses of the jet’s interior have surfaced online, showcasing the interior’s luxurious wood paneling, glitzy golden fixtures and plethora of glam mirrors. The jet’s bedroom has a mirror wall, as well as tons of comfy pillows. The plane’s lounge is also posh, with stylish striped carpets, supple leather seats and wrap-around sofas. It’s possible that Drake was renovate the plane’s interior. Although the interior very fancy by any known standards, it’s got a dated vibe that doesn’t really suit the rapper’s modern style aesthetic one hundred percent.

Drake has a new role as ambassador for Cargojet, and his willingness to step into this corporate ambassador role, in addition to his long-standing support of the Cargojet brand,  surely helped him to get a superlative deal on his new private jumbo jet.

Drake Bragged About Plane On Social Media

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Drake is only 32. He’s achieved a lot so far in his lifetime. This new jet underscores the fact that he’s hit the pinnacle of success. With an estimated net worth of $140 million dollars, based on information from Icharts.net, it’s unlikely that he paid full price for his private plane. Lending his fame and influence to Cargojet has helped him to acquire a jumbo jet for a price that he can afford.

The jet is emblazoned with the word, Air Drake, as well as an owl motif (his fashion brand, OVO, is known for its owl logo) and a “prayer hands” motif.

In true baller fashion, Drake bragged online about the fact that his two-bedroom plane isn’t a rental or a timeshare.

Drake’s Son, Adonis, Lives in France

Drake’s son, Adonis, who was born in October of 2017 (Drake was also born in October) lives in France with his mom, Sophie. The new jumbo jet should make it easier for Drake to enjoy quality time with his child. Drake and Sophie have not always seen eye to eye, but their relationship seems smoother these days. They are improving their relationship for the sake of their child.

Sophie flies to America sometimes with Adonis, to meet with Drake in Los Angeles. Will Drake send the new Air Drake Jet to Europe to pick up his baby mama and son? Maybe so. According to iHeart.com, he’s “obsessed” with his baby boy.


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