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The Must-Have Gaming Set-Up For Any Man Cave

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The past few years have demonstrated just how powerful gaming and gaming culture can be. The ability to reconnect with friends, unwind after long days working, or simply inject a little fun into your free time. Few guys these days would disagree that a stellar gaming setup is a pretty paramount feature of your space.

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Whether you enjoy the odd hour or two on the weekends or a long session into the night after work is more your style, an adequate environment to play comfortably without sacrificing your back, your brain, your ears, and your eyes. After all, your score is worth the investment. So get up off that pillow on the floor, stop using your old headphones, and fix that Wi-Fi connection – we’re going gaming.

It’s All About Connection 

Talking of caves, serious gamers will have likely heard of the October 2022 release date for Gotham Knights. It’ll be one of the first Batman games to feature online and cooperative modes. The story is set a few years after Batman’s death when his former disciples and companions pick up the fight against the villains who still terrorise Gotham City. Players can combine their characters’ special abilities for fancy attack moves. However, in order for that to play out smoothly, you’ll need a stable internet connection.  

There is nothing worse than being halfway through a quest and your connection drops out. Make sure you use an ethernet connection rather than WiFi and most of all, find a provider who can give you a solid bandwidth. If you still encounter connection problems, you might need to go through the classic tweaks and tricks such as using a VPN, setting the graphics to the lowest level and disconnecting other devices from the internet.

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The Right Support

Next up is something less technical but equally as important. See this guy above? Don’t do this, that’s not why Batman selected you to be his successor! We can’t count how many awful seating arrangements people have tried while gaming. If you’re sitting for more than an hour, you can’t be perched on a cushion on the floor or a straight-backed chair. This can lead to long-term back problems, plus it’s frankly uncomfortable in the short-term. Trust us, your ability to run in middle age is not worth a few video games! Invest in an ergonomic gaming chair if you can.

Can You Hear Me?

Never utter the above phrase again. A good-quality headset and stereo speakers take a basic gaming set-up into a cinematic experience. Whether you opt for a wired or wireless controller and headset is largely up to you, but we recommend reducing wires as much as possible. Aesthetically, the more wireless, the better. Plus, you’re less likely to find a deterioration of the connection that can happen with cheaply made wired equipment. In addition, comfort and durability are sorts of the two main things you can measure any equipment purchase you make against. 

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The above are the basics we’d recommend for a solid gaming set-up. If you’re looking to take things to the next level, there are a few other directions you can go in. Higher-resolution monitors, backlit keyboards, a gaming mouse, and customizable backlighting can elevate your space massively, and aid your ability. And, hey, if you get great – why not buy a 4k webcam and start streaming too?



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