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Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent Arrives to CityTV

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Calling all fans of the iconic Law & Order Franchise!

Law and Order Toronto: Criminal Intent is here and is poised to become your latest obsession! Especially if you’re a sucker for riveting investigations, cunning detectives, and heart-pounding drama.

SWAGGER Magazine had the exclusive opportunity to speak to the dynamic duo behind the badge: actors Aden Young and Karen Robinson.

Aden Young, renowned for his spellbinding performances in Rectify, is now plunging into the depths of Detective Graff’s psyche, a man propelled by his past and an unyielding quest for truth. Meanwhile, Karen Robinson, the force behind Ronnie Lee in Schitt’s Creek, brings her A-game to the role of Inspector Vivienne Holness, the unflinching leader of the pack.

Watch our exclusive interviews with Young and Robinson here:

Thanks to the talented cast, crew, and writers, each episode serves up a fresh crime and mystery, which will peel back layers of human nature to expose its darkest corners. From heart-pounding cold opens to jaw-dropping revelations, Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent is a masterclass in suspense and intrigue. And yes, the signature Law & Order “DUN, DUN” soundbite will be featured in every episode.

Filmed exclusively in Toronto with an all-Canadian cast and crew, the series captures the pulse and grit of Canada’s largest metropolis, offering viewers a front-row seat to its vibrant energy and shadowy underbelly. And here’s a fun fact: It’s the first Canadian city to take centre stage in the Law & Order franchise, showcasing iconic streets and landmarks where every alley holds a secret and every shadow conceals a clue.

So mark your calendars because new episodes of Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent will be hitting your screens every Thursday at 8/7c on CityTV. Want more? Be sure to watch our exclusive interviews with Aden Young and Karen Robinson for a backstage pass into the behind-the-scenes of this captivating series.


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