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The Barber’s Secret: Lavish Care Professional Transforms Men’s Grooming

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Treat Yourself to Lavish Barber Shop Quality Hair 

Commercial hair-care products have long dominated the shelves, offering the allure of convenience, affordability, and the promise of salon-quality results. 

However, beneath the glossy exteriors and over-powering fragrances, these products often fall short of their claims, adhering to a “one size fits all” philosophy that overlooks the unique needs of individual hair types and concerns. 

In recent years, Lavish Care Professional has eschewed the ordinary, and filled a void with a forward way of thinking, offering products specifically designed for a man’s hair and skin types. 

Their Siberian Hunter peppermint shampoo, for example, leaves the hair soft and silky, with a scent that doesn’t come off as artificial, like so many other brands do. Its unique blend of natural peppermint and crystal mint oils not only revitalizes your scalp and hair, but also leaves a lasting sensation of freshness and vitality. Designed for oily hair yet gentle enough for daily use across all types, this shampoo is your first step towards a healthier, shinier mane. It’s just one of many of their products that so many men across North America have adopted, because of the quality, robust results, and reliability. 

Lavish Care Professional have also revolutionized beard care with their beard balms and beard shampoos. Siberian Preacher – a beard shampoo – is formulated to moisturize and protect skin from irritations, and softens the beard, with its ultra-creamy texture. Feeler (short length) and Sturdy (medium length) beard balms impeccably hold the beard and stray hairs in place, while simultaneously soothes and moisturizes skin.

Their comprehensive styling collection includes their Hair Tonic for a thickening effect and professional feel; Hair Powder Hurricane for quick dry styling, texture, volume and hold; and their best-selling styling paste Matte Cream Paste that has an excellent hold and thickening effect. 

For those battling dry scalp, the Siberian Soother Scalp Hydrating Shampoo offers a soothing embrace. Infused with zinc salts, salicylic acid, and a refreshing mix of peppermint and mint oil, it gently revitalizes your hair while restoring its natural moisture balance. Experience a refreshing tingle that brings your scalp and hair back to life. 


Since its inception in 2016, they have consistently set the bar higher in the world of men’s grooming. 

At the heart of Lavish Care Professional’s philosophy lies a deep appreciation for the classic barbershop experience—where every haircut and shave was a custom grooming presentation — yet here, reimagined for the modern man. Crafted in the lush landscapes of Greece, their products are a mark of European luxury, embodying the pinnacle of high-end European cosmetics. 

Caring much about men as they do the planet, they take pride in their ethical standards; every item in their range is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, water-based, and alcohol-free.

In December 2022, Lavish Care Professional proudly expanded its selections across Canada, quickly establishing a wide presence in the heart of the grooming industry. Within a remarkably short span, their products have organically found their way into 145 select barbershops across Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary, both a testament to their commitment to excellence, as well as their impressive credibility gained in the barbering industry.

Lavish Care Professional is a brand of distinction, available exclusively through reseller barbershops and dedicated online store (for shipping in the US and Canada), ensuring that products remain exclusive to those who seek the very best. Redefine your grooming experience with Lavish Care Professional— where their passion for style integrates the personal care every gentleman craves.
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