Creative Ideas for Holiday Photo Shooting

Winter holidays are the hectic time for photographers. While the demand is high, the professionals are expected to come up with original ideas rather than just capture a moment. Gift packages under a Christmas tree, candles and pets are classical composition elements, which are not enough today.

Offering nothing more than just that wouldn’t be the right way for an aspiring and creative photographer. As a professional, you want to keep your existing clients and engage new ones. That said, a source of inspiration would be a really valuable asset. To find it, consider browsing through extensive libraries available online or looking for banner vectors.

Creative ideas that Depositphotos offers to both beginning and professional photographers can help you stand out from your peers. This knowledge base is an aggregation of what our numerous contributors have to share. Here, everyone can discover something to get inspired for the next holiday season. Let’s discuss some ideas you may find helpful.

Going outside. Typically, Christmas offers magical settings for photo shooting. Wasting such a chance would be missing out on something specific to these holiday days only. Shooting outside allows making your pictures thematic without using trite composition elements.

Creative compositions. When you cannot manage without classical Christmas items, make sure your composition is original enough to avoid being banal,

Documenting the process. How a family is preparing for Christmas is a valuable scene for a keen photographer. In many years, people will be more excited to recall these days in motion, step by step, where each member’s contribution really matters, than just to see a still picture of their family sitting at a table.

Involving pets. Animals can be great contributors to your photo. It’s so funny to see how a pet plays with a baby. Documented, such a moment would be appreciated by every customer. Still, avoid producing banal pictures as this is the story that has been shot for decades. To succeed, you will need to add some original elements to the idea.

Capturing intimate moments. There are looks, gestures and body language elements that cannot be played as naturally as they appear in the real life. This is an extremely precious subject so it should be tracked by photographers. Use candid shooting instead of the staged one.

Wardrobe treasures. Many families have outfits or costumes in their wardrobe (especially children’s ones) which are thematic or used primarily to go out on holidays. If this is the case, it is a good idea to make a snapshot with them on.

A holiday feast. When the entire family gathers at a table, this is a really valuable moment worth immortalizing. Still, this should be just a part rather than a centerpiece of your photo series.

Fairy lights. Christmas holidays are a special period of time. This is when lights, candles and sparkling ornaments really matter. Make sure you include them into your picture to give the latter a thematic trait.

Minimalism. Avoid overloading your composition with holiday elements. Make a number of pictures which are pretty simple to allow your clients use them as postcards throughout the year.

Coziness. Along with capturing a festive setting, sparkling decorations and a rave of color, it is also important to convey a viewer the cozy atmosphere of the home. To achieve the goal, shoot family members sitting around the fireplace, drinking tea with cake etc.

Gift wrapping. A pile of gift packages under a Xmas tree is a worn composition. Images showing the process of wrapping gifts would be a much more original idea worth trying. Document the love people put into the preparation of gifts for other family members.

Use the above ideas to avoid providing banal pictures. Original and memorable photos are what customers appreciate so much. Help them remember the holidays for years to come.




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