Instagram brings in 3 new features to boost your winter sales

Instagram is growing by the minute and is now reported to lure in more than 1 billion users every month. Such a large following requires constant improvement of their services and their nifty entertainment options. They have to please a considerable crowd of people, out of which many use InstaGrowing to develop their businesses, so they have come up with 3 new features that will boost your winter sales.

The new Instagram options that you are now entering the tray of fun features are just a few of the many modifications employed by the photo-sharing platform in the past few months. Others include quirky stickers for IG stories and chatting with your followers. Here are the new features that should not escape your sales-boosting strategy this month:

Post 60-minute videos with IGTV

Instagram is well-aware that most users nowadays prefer visual content over text information. Their predilection goes even further as they tend to consume more video content than images. Therefore, the photo-sharing platform is investing a lot of resources to please their followers and provide them with a reliable option for posting high-quality video content.

Welcome IGTV! This latest feature from Instagram allows users to post clips that exceed the traditional 1-minute videos that are usually part of the Instagram Stories. This feature comes as a stand-alone platform that enables you to post and view vertical videos quickly and easily.

You do not require any editing skills or previous experience in developing video content to work with IGTV. You merely need to record it with your phone, customize it according to your liking and share it with your followers. The content that you post can be between 10 minutes and 60 minutes long, depending on your account.

IGTV is a simple and effective way of popularizing your products and services with a large audience. It enables you to create promotional videos that do not need to cramp a lot of information in the space of a 1-minute Instagram Story. With this feature, you are looking at a new and fun method of guiding old and new followers to your business.

Call your followers with Instagram Direct

If you find direct messaging an inconvenient method of contacting your followers, then you will love the Instagram Direct feature. This new option lets you transform the traditional way of talking to potential customers into a direct video call or a conference that can include up to four different users at the same time.

The Instagram Direct feature enables you to get in contact with followers that you usually interact with through posts and messages. It means that you will need to establish a basic level of IG communication before accessing video calls, such as a DM, but it will pave the way for a potential long-term business relationship.

You can enhance the power of direct video calls by increasing the number of followers in your list. The easiest way to build a large following is to buy Instagram likes that come from a reliable source. This kind of service is popular among large businesses and small startups alike and it is a quick and safe method of getting the attention of more potential buyers.

Make your Instagram Stories sound better

A new and fun feature from IG lets you add music stickers on your Insta Stories. This option allows you to play a soundtrack with every video or photograph you add to your daily story. You can have your pick from millions of tracks that are available for both iOS and Android-running smartphones.

Instagram Music Stickers enable you to personalize your story and catch the attention of your followers with unique content. This feature helps you promote your brand in a fun and musical way that should appeal to loyal customers and potential clients at the same time, and it comes in handy for businesses that are related to the music industry.

The Bottom Line

With these new features, Instagram continues its mission of capturing the interest and loyalty of followers worldwide. The social media channel is looking to diversify its entertainment options and present users with new and exciting ways of promoting their businesses. So far, they are doing a great job and we can only expect more awesome features to be released in the upcoming months.



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