Showstoppers: 5 things to round off a party in style

Throwing an impressive party doesn’t have to mean agonising over the details. Sure, you want your canapes, drinks and chatter to impress but most of the time these things are instantly forgettable. How often do the fine details of an event keep people talking for months or even years?

If you want to throw a true showstopper, sometimes it pays for event planners to think big and leave a lasting impression.

Hire a live performer

Your party is off to a strong start, the drinks are flowing and spirits are high… but, you need something to break the ice and create a noteworthy atmosphere.

When the buffet food starts disappearing, it is important to capture guests’ attention to prevent a mass departure. After all, people have lives to lead – event planners should remember that the door is always luring guests away. Few things kill an atmosphere like the sound of early goodbyes!

A live performance can really set the tone of the evening ahead, letting guests know in no uncertain terms that the party is just getting started. Choose an act that fits your tone – sophisticated acoustic musicians work well for business events, while rock bands can turn the excitement up another level. If lots of your guests will be meeting for the first time, try something interactive like a comedian or magician.

Use an impressive speaker

If your event is a little more formal, it can be difficult to think of impressive ways to turn up the volume. This is a particular challenge for business event planners, who often want to create a punchy impression while maintaining a dignified air.

One great way to engage guests after a three-course dinner is to hire an after-dinner speaker from a specialised bureau. These skilled orators are able to inspire, shock and educate corporate guests within the context of a business dinner.

Experiment with special effects

A new generation of party entertainment is being forged before our eyes. Special effects are the ultra-modern way to set the tone of a great party. Forget fog and haze – you can now get artificial clouds and even snow. It’s also a good idea to set the disco lights of yesteryear aside. Instead, focus on cool colours and precise mood lighting.

To make special effects work at your function, take inspiration from the latest trendsetters in party decor.


Ending the evening with a bang is a great way to send people home with high impressions – and sometimes, it makes sense to take this literally. Firework displays are the original way to impress guests: fireworks can catch them by surprise after an outdoor show, or add an element of wonder to an already magical evening.

A themed exit

If your budget won’t stretch to a firework finale, there are other ways to take a grand exit. Sometimes, ending on a quick and powerful note prevents the need for thinning crowds and awkward goodbyes. It’s ideal for birthday parties, weddings and other events where you’re the star of your own show.

Sparkler exits are a popular option, as are fun and alternative themes. Use props, candles or even paper aeroplanes to accessorise your departure. You’ll have the chance to snap up great shots for Instagram and everyone gets to leave on a high.





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