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Celebrity Engagements: Whose Ring Shines Brightest?

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Hero Image: Getty; Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

New study names Megan Fox as the celebrity with the most sought-after engagement ring

Megan Fox has been named to have the most iconic engagement ring, with 17,000 searches per month worldwide for her Ring.

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is second on the list, with an average of 12,000 monthly global searches.

Kate Middleton, Kourtney Kardashian and Blake Lively also own some of the most searched-for engagement rings.

A new study has revealed that Megan Fox has the most iconic engagement ring, with worldwide interest in her ring surpassing 17,000 searches per month on average.


Photo: stephenwebsterjewellery/Instagram

The study conducted by customised jewellery experts at Glamira unveiled the most popular and iconic celebrity engagement rings by using Ahrefs to discover how many searches there are on average per month for each Ring.

The most sought-after ring belongs to actress Megan Fox, who has ignited worldwide interest in toi et moi (You and Me) engagement rings since Machine Gun Kelly’s Puerto Rico proposal last year. On average, Megan’s engagement ring receives 17,000 searches per month worldwide, proving just how intricate and desirable her 18-carat Ring is. The beautifully designed Ring features an entirely untreated Columbian emerald gem, proving to be a popular colour choice in recent years.

The second most iconic engagement ring belongs to none other than the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Adding a touch of sentimental value, Prince Harry designed the three-stone Ring with diamonds, which he had taken from his late mother Princess Diana’s beautiful jewellery collection. The one-of-a-kind Ring has sparked an unbelievable amount of interest since the proposal in 2017, with 12,000 searches per month on average worldwide.

Photo: Glamira

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, takes the third spot in the rankings with her 12-carat oval sapphire ring, which once belonged to Princess Diana. Princess Diana initially chose the Ring before engaging with William’s father, the now King of England, in 1981. The sapphire ring, hugged by 14 white diamonds, receives an average of 7,000 monthly searches.

The fourth most desired celebrity engagement ring belongs to Kourtney Kardashian, whose elongated oval-shaped Ring receives an average of 5,900 monthly searches. The Ring is a clean and elegant solitaire diamond resting on a white-gold pavé band, given to her by her now husband, Travis Barker.

The fifth most sought-after engagement ring belongs to popstar Jennifer Lopez, who is iconic in her own right for owning some of the finest jewellery in the world. Following her and her husband Ben Affleck’s second wedding in Las Vegas in 2022, Jennifer’s engagement ring is a rare five-stone square green diamond that receives an average of 5,600 searches per month worldwide.

Blake Lively’s engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds is the sixth most iconic and sought-after Ring in the rankings. Blake’s showstopping elegant light pink oval diamond receives an average of 5,200 monthly searches. This is ahead of Kim Kardashian’s spectacular cushion-cut 15-carat diamond ring from Kanye West, which places seventh with 3,700 searches per month on average.

The eighth most popular celebrity engagement ring was given to Katy Perry by Orlando Bloom on Valentine’s Day in 2019. The unique flower-shaped Ring consists of eight smaller diamonds hugging a deep pink stone; this cluster-style Ring has been incredibly popular among celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz and Eva Longoria. Katy’s Ring receives an average of 1,300 searches per month worldwide.

Photo: Glamira

Angelina Jolie has the ninth most iconic and sought-after engagement ring, which was proposed to her by Brad Pitt back in the noughties. The emerald-cut diamond, which rested on smaller trapezoid diamonds, inspires many budding brides worldwide. This Ring receives an average of 900 searches per month worldwide.

The tenth most sought-after engagement ring belongs to Cardi B, which was gifted to her by boo Offset on her 27th birthday and cost over one million dollars. The Ring receives an average of 800 monthly searches worldwide, which is no surprise due to its gobsmacking features. It includes a sizeable heart-shaped centre stone with 20 carats resting on smaller heart-shaped diamonds totalling 25 carats.

A spokesperson from Glamira commented:

“Celebrities influence expands across the globe and one of the main places potential brides look to for inspiration is their favourite celebrities who might just have the perfect design, shape, colour or style they desire.

However, celebrities often have the luxury and privilege of working with high-end designers and jewellers to help guide and craft their ideal Ring, which can be much harder for those not in the public eye. This study offers an exciting insight into which celebrities own the most sought-after rings and which styles, colours and shapes are the hottest in the bridal world.”

Credits to: Glamira


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