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The Male Equivalent of Receiving Flowers: Men Reveal What Gifts They Actually Want To Receive

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Newsflash: Women like receiving flowers.

Even if they say that flowers die anyway.

Even if they say that they are allergic.

Even if they say they don’t need flowers to feel special!

Real gentlemen don’t fool themselves into believing that women don’t enjoy receiving pointless (but often expensive) bouquets. In fact, it is the secret ingredient  to what is probably the easiest gentleman hack of all: If you don’t know what gift to buy for a woman on a special occasion, just get her a nice bouquet of flowers with a super sweet note and you win your heart in an instant.

But what about for guys?

What is the one gift that men wouldn’t mind receiving any time? What is the male equivalent of receiving flowers?

Check out this list to find out!

1. Food is flowers

There is some truth to the saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Men are unbelievably simple beings. Just cook something special for them and they will feel special, wanted, and needed.

Can’t cook? Not a problem at all! Even delivery food like pizza or burgers makes men feel special if it is given in a special way and enjoyed together. When you feel like your favorite man is having a bad day, don’t hesitate to go ahead and buy a box of pepperoni pizza and a bottle of wine to make him feel 10x better.

2. Drinks

Ahhh… Most men can’t resist a good drink after a long day. Most of them would love it if you surprise them with a beer bouquet (with 6 different flavors of craft beer!) for no specific occasion.

You can even make it better and do your research first. Is he a beer nerd? More of a gin guy? Does he prefer whisky? Learn about the drinks he really likes and buy him something that has good reviews. More than anything, he will be touched by your effort in researching rather than getting the first bottle you see in the grocery store. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or most rare kind – just pick something that matches both his taste and your budget!

3. Raw Meat

Well, if your guy loves cooking and grilling, then give him top notch meat that he can cook at home. Surprisingly, men don’t actually mind doing the cooking at home. They’re willing to do the work.

Make this more special by adding all the spices he needs plus maybe a cheesy apron that will make him feel like the best cook in the world. Go the extra mile in wrapping it and adding sweet notes. And of course, let him cook it for you. He will most likely want to. Make sure to let him know just how much you enjoy the food and appreciate his work!

4. Car parts

If your man loves tinkering with cars, then the best way to make him smile is probably to just give him car parts. It would make him feel like you’re genuinely supporting his hobby

But of course, this is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you know nothing about cars. You can easily mix things up and end up buying something he does not need at all. It would probably be best to skip the guesswork and just go ahead and ask him what he needs directly. Or alternatively, you can surprise him with a trip to a car parts store and let him choose an item he wants – he’ll be like a kid in a candy shop!

5. Gaming Equipment

If your man is into gaming, then what could be better than just giving him gaming equipment?. Find out more about the games he likes and the items that he needs to play better. The underlying message here is that you support his hobbies and you want him to be happy. When he sees that you won’t stop him from having fun, then he will be more comfortable with being himself around you.

Pro tip: the key here is to get to know your man really well so you know what he’s into and how you can support him.  He will feel more loved if he knows that you can just let him be himself.

6. Sincere compliments 

Ah well, who doesn’t like the feeling of being appreciated? No matter how tough your man might seem, he would still love to hear you say good things about him. It doesn’t matter if you compliment the fit of his new shirt or his effort in cleaning the house – just say that you noticed what he’s doing and show your appreciation.

The key here is to be 100% sincere about whatever you’re going to say. It doesn’t matter if it’s about something that’s seemingly very minor. Just go ahead and compliment him and thank him for his efforts. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even write him a card. That’s a gift that he will likely treasure for life!

7. Flowers

Surprise, surprise – men actually love receiving flowers too! In fact, they probably like receiving flowers for exactly the same reason why women like receiving them: Flowers can make a man feel special. Flowers say “thank you”, “I remembered you”, or even “I love you” when words fall short. They tell him that you care

If you haven’t had the chance to buy flowers for your man, then this is a sign that you should go ahead and do so! It is guaranteed to make him feel special. Let him enjoy and treasure the feeling of receiving something pointless but meaningful at the same time.



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