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Get Your Biker Fashion On with Franky Mouse

Sailun Tires

Riding a motorcycle isn’t just a mode a transportation. It’s an attitude, a look, and a personal statement. That’s why just owning a bike isn’t enough. You need the appropriate gear and clothing to stand out and stay sharp. When you hop off your bike, you want to look the part – tough, wild, and free. We know someone who can help.

Live Fast

Franky Mouse is one of global leaders and innovators of motorcycle and biker T-shirts since it’s inception in 2013. From tees to tanks, hoodies to long sleeves, Franky Mouse features eclectic, fierce designs, all against a backdrop of deep black – the only color of choice that’s worth anything – for those who like to live and ride fast.

Shirts are 100% cotton for maximum comfort and breathability. They can keep your warm enough when you’re riding wild, but cool enough that you’re not overheating on a hot, sunny day. And of course, they’ve sizes to fit all men and women who love to ride, all the way to small on one end to triple extra large who those who live large.

Live Nonsense

Franky Mouse uses discharge ink printing process to make the highest quality shirts. Whereas some companies use a simple screening process that can leave the shirts looking odd, with harder, out of place prints. Poorly done presses can make the shirts look like a sports jersey, with a giant print set atop a piece of fabric that never blends or meshes.

Discharge screen printing, sometimes referred to as extract printing, first removes color from the shirt instead of simply placing ink on top of it. This gives the shirt a softer, more coherent look, and means the colors – your fiery reds and deep blacks – are much more vibrant.

Die Fast

One of the benefits of Franky Mouse is the convenience of online shopping. They ship to over 200 countries in the world, including all around North and South American as well as Europe. They also offer online chat support fi you’ve any questions or concerns. Their collection of apparel comes at a reasonable price and high quality, ensuring it will hold up on the toughest of adventures. Frank Mouse shirts will withstand dirt, dust, grime, and day to day hard living – give it a wash and you’ll get it back with the same, potent color and killer design.

Be sure to check out for your motorcycle and biker clothing curiosities, and return frequently to look into new designs and releases.


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