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Radio is still King as Pop Music is voted Top of Driver’s Playlists

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According to a recent survey, pop music is the #1 genre preferred by British drivers. However, this may be more complicated than it seems. performed the survey, which looked at the kinds of music drivers listen to inside their vehicles. The 1,236 survey participants from throughout the United Kingdom were asked about their favourite musical genre when they are driving. Pop music was the top response, garnering 33% of votes, followed by classic rock at 24% and electronic/dance at 16%. Complete results are listed below:

Survey Question: What Is Your Favourite Genre of Music to Listen to When Driving?

Classic Rock – 24%
Country – 3%
Electronic/Dance – 16%
Hip Hop – 7%
Indie – 11%
Metal – 6%
Pop Music – 33%

Taking a closer look at the results, asked the survey participants which devices they used to listen to their music while driving. Interestingly, a full 61% of drivers told YourParkingSpace they listened to their radios, while the remaining 39% listened on their own devices, including cassettes, CDs, and mobile phones. divided survey respondents between those who listened via radio and those who listened via their own personal devices. Among those listening to their own music, Classic Rock was the most popular genre. Electronic/dance held the second spot, while pop music dropped into the third position.

The full results among drivers listening to their own music:

Classic Rock – 29%
Country – 7%
Electronic/Dance – 21%
Hip Hop – 2%
Indie – 13%
Metal – 9%
Pop Music – 19%

According to more detailed survey results, classic rock was more frequently chosen as a preferred genre by men while pop music was more frequently chosen by women. Electronic/dance music was the #1 preferred genre for the 35-44 age group, while classic rock was the preferred genre for those aged 18-24.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, noted how interesting he finds it that so many drivers still listen to the old-fashion radio when so many music-streaming services are available. Woods was also intrigued by the finding that classic rock is more popular than dance music among the younger generation while dance music is the favourite of those aged 35-44.

Started in 2013, is an online gathering place where users can find private parking spaces, driveways, off-street parking, lock-up garages, and spaces offered by commercial car park businesses. In the past year YourParkingSpace has obtained the Series A financing to work with U.K.-wide brands ranging from Hilton to NCP to Novotel as well as more than 30K owners of private parking spaces.


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