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The Cowboy And His Cowboy Boots

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Men’s fashion in 2019 seems to be the most versatile and unique that it has ever been before. Since the beginning of American civilization, American men have been going out of their way to establishing a cultural identity for the new found land of conquerors and conquistadors. The cowboy boot appears to be a staple part of traditional American clothing. They appeared in the adolescence of the nation and continue to to be used today. Cowboy boots are such an American staple that the state of Louisiana has even gained the nickname of the boot because of its shoe-like shape. Keep reading to find out more about this cultural fashion choice and where it is headed today.

Boots And Their Purpose

Boots, in general, are very durable and heavy shoes. Boots can be engineered to withhold tough conditions or movements that provide protection and stability. Here are a few examples of boots that meet this description.

  • Steel toe boots
  • Rain boots
  • Slip resistance boots
  • Cowboy boots

These are just a few examples of how boots can specifically be made to provide stability and protection for certain types of lifestyles.

What Are Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy boots are boots that people wear when they ride horses and engage in other outdoor activities. The oldest cowboy boots included a spur on them. This is a separate item the cowboy would wear over his boots. It had a round but spikey wheel that would stick out of from the back of the boot. The spur was used to direct animals like horses, and bulls to go in the way that the rider wanted them to travel. Ariat square toe cowboy boots for men developed into more fashionable boots. They also began to be worn by both men and women. They stopped wearing spurs and were used for more fashion based purposes.

Today’s Boots And Their Usage

In 2019, the world of boots lives on. As previously described, they are used to help people perform jobs and tasks with safety but this is not the only purpose. Boots are used to hike, complete heavy-duty tasks, fight elements, and even dance. It is very popular today because it is durable yet fashionable. The cowboy boot is used more now than before. It is openly worn by both women and men. Today’s cowboy boot is a bit smaller and more fashionable. They have even had a slightly different name “The Western Boot.” This new style of cowboy boot started to make an appearance when the music started to evolve and create new ways of life for Americans. The western boot soon developed its own coinciding dance style that encouraged people to wear them while they danced. People put on their cowboy boots to boot-scoot across the floor to the beat of the music.

Cowboy Boots, Smart Pick

The cowboy boot usually goes along with outdoor clothing that deems you ready for action. Jeans and cowboy shoes are now a fashion go to. It gives off the appearance that looks good but didn’t take too much effort. This look is also very common for western culture in 2019. Cowboy boots are usually pricey and high quality so they can also give off the appearance of being in a higher social class without coming across as too clean or professional. They still remain to be more common for men to wear. They create an overall masculine look that helps the western girls notice you!

The Cowboys Are Here To Stay

Today you will still see people walking around in cowboy boots representing the development of their culture and lifestyle. Whenever you see someone wearing cowboy boots, you can automatically assume that they love country livin’ and are proud of it. Not everyone is brave enough to ride a horse but they most likely know someone who is! Cowboy boots or western boots are an American tradition that tells a story whenever you see them. You may see them dirty and sturdy from horseriding or blue suede and new like Elvis Presley’s shoes. The versatility and flexibility of the cowboy boot and its purpose will always be in style.


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