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How to automate business processes

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The world today moves at great speed, and to stay ahead it is important to adapt to the pace, quickly react to changes, and complete tasks. Optimization and automation of processes are key for successful business promotion and its scaling. In this article, we will consider the current tools that help you free up financial and time resources and bring your project to a new level.

How to systematize business with CRM?

The most important thing in any business is consistency and it can be reached with the help of the CRM system. It is a service to prevent an entrepreneur from getting lost in the information noise. It allows building a relationship with your customers, sales, communication, the points of contact between manager and customer in a single structured system. Then your commercial activity becomes clear and transparent.

CRM is an important part of the sales department. It stores customer contacts, the entire history of communication with clients, shows at what stages the sales are, and automates the routine. So, you do not lose contact and build up communication effectively over long distances.

CRM allows you to segment your customers and create a personalized approach to each category of your target audience. In sales, the price of an untimely made call is very high, CRM system allows you to plan, manage tasks, reminds you which tasks need to be carried out at a certain point in time: send a catalog with related products, remind about the goods that are running out, etc.

There are a huge number of CRM systems on the market, the most popular are amoCRM, Bitrix 24, SalesForce, etc. They are easy to implement in a business and help to increase the conversion rate, earn more money, reduce rejections and return visitors to the website.

How to optimize sales by using chat bots?

Now the world is actively moving towards automation. In business, it is especially important because every entrepreneur wants to save the main resource, time, as well as get the ability to scale the business. For example on Instagram, people don’t waste time on recruiting the initial audience, which is becoming more difficult every year but delegate this task to other companies and buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc.

The sales process can also be automated with the help of chat bots. According to recent studies, people spend more than 60 percent of their time in messengers. So, interacting with a chat bot a person is in a familiar environment and gets more involved. It is a consultant who answers popular questions, shows catalogs and prices, and can introduce the company. It works around the clock with a lot of people at the same time.

Moreover, chat bots can accept payments from customers, so the whole ordering process takes place within the system and the person does not need to visit external sites.

Working through chat bots simplifies the communication with the client, so it frees the entrepreneur from the routine and makes his participation minimal.

The use of chat bots helps to optimize finances. When the employees are less involved in the workflow, the entrepreneur can save on salary. On the other hand,  this tool helps employees be productive and save time on the same tasks.

How to automate communication with email marketing?

One of the most effective tools for automating communication with your customers is emails. This format of communication is less stressful because a phone call distracts people, an SMS message is also an invasion of personal space. With the help of letters, you can give people a lot of useful information over a long period and entice them to go to your site. It is important to pay attention to several structural elements in the letter. 

The first is the headline, it should arouse interest and sell the main letter. In the text, it is effective to use various psychological triggers and motivators so that people click on your links to external resources. Use a rational trigger using statistics, numbers, appealing to logic. Use the emotional leverage of deficit, loss to accelerate the target actions of potential customers. The third important structural element of a letter is the postscript. Letters must have a high open-rate over a long distance. Therefore, in the postscript, entice people to read the following letters and make the announcement of the next information.

How to scale the business with an auto funnel?

The currency of the 21st century is trust. It’s the first thing you need to sell to your client.  That’s why many online entrepreneurs create social proof,  posting successful cases, and reviews. Others boost the loyalty with high statistics and buy Instagram followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views, etc. Trust can be also formed through expertise and care. First, you should convince the client that you are competent enough to solve his problems.

Auto funnel is a system that allows you to build effective and trustful communication with the customer and lead to sales in automatic mode. This is an algorithm in which sales are lined up from a free product to a cheap one, and only then to the main product.

With auto-funnel you can accomplish several goals. First, you can increase conversion rates. Secondly, it reduces the human factor and its negative component. Robots do not forget to provide the customer with information and work around the clock. This is a tool that allows you to get more profits at less cost and reduce the need to involve you or your employees in the work.

To sum up, the digital space is a favorable environment for businesses, where there are a huge number of tools for their effective implementation. Under the influence of trending digital technologies, the tools are constantly transforming, and new more convertible ones appear. Therefore, it is important to constantly monitor the trends and implement new opportunities in your business that will allow you not only to increase profits but also to be one step ahead of your competitors.



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