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It’s all Fun and Games until somebody Barfs on the Table

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Drinking games were devised only moments after humankind devised a way to
ferment grapes, for one of two purposes. A method of dissolving inhibitions at the
speed of light, or a way to watch the unlucky amongst us succumb too peer pressure
and alcohol poisoning simultaneously. Drinking games are as much apart of our
initiation into adulthood as reckless driving, promiscuity and karaoke night. They
should be engaged

The following is a list of Swagger-Approved Drinking Games, Guaranteed to
accentuate the socially beneficial aspects of our most beloved of refreshments. Play
them responsibly, but not too responsibly.

Beer Pong

Somewhere between the Strokes and Sean Paul Beer Pong moved from a niche sport
of popped collared set to an institution with it’s own official international governing
body, in a decade it’ll be in the Olympics (in which case Ireland just moved up a step,

If you don’t know how to play, YouTube will prove instructive, if you don’t know
how to incorporate handguns into the game, email me privately and I’d be happy to
lay it out for you in language we can all understand!

The Century Club

A shot of beer every minute for a hundred minutes only seems like a piece of cake
to those who haven’t done it. It is neither safe nor fun after the first hour, but if
you’ve got an iron constitution enough to join the club, you’ll get bragging rights that
extend well into the time in your life when such behavior is deemed inappropriate.
Swagger Tip: Dry crackers before and during.

Transformers (or if X does Y, Drink)
Taking your drinking game cues from a TV show is only a fair proposition for
first run programming. If there’s any chance that someone in your club has seen
it before, abort. If it’s a level playing field, there’s no greater joy than waiting in
anticipation for Sydney Crosby to dispute a missed call, or some Vampire to say
“Sookie”, or of course a transformer to transform, and then slamming back a pint. If
you’ve got a bottle and a box set of anything, you’ve got a reason for a party.

Bullshit Pyramid

In the opinion of Swagger, this is the most manly of options, it’s equitable to a game
of poker where the only ante is your liver. You need a deck of cards, friends, and a
playful disregard for their health.

Lay out a pyramid of down-facing cards, the bottom layer is five, the second four,
and so on to one card at the top. Deal the remaining cards to all the players, and
reveal the first card on the bottom row. If you possess a match to the card in your
hand, you may assign 1 drink. If you do not, you can assign a drink. Your victim can
decide to call “bullshit” and force you to reveal your hand. If you have the card, he
drinks double, if you don’t, you drink one. The second row is worth two drinks, the
third 3, etc.

Bullshit Pyramid forces you to pay attention even as you’re punishing your friends,
because if you’re caught in a lie when five drinks are on the line, you’ll never be
dishonest again.

Written by Jeremy  Beal

TV Show Drinking  Games



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