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Own Your Style Of Confidence

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Here is a list of six iconic leading men who have lit up the movie screen with their sexy, confident ways. They have left an indelible mark that will not be forgotten.

James Dean– He was only 5’8″ and only lived to be 24 years old, but James Dean has left a huge impact on Hollywood history. He was usually seen in his jeans and a half zipped up jacket. And his hair was always tousled, like he had just run his fingers through it.

Cary Grant– He was a very well-dressed man. His hair was always perfectly combed. He was always seen with a suit and tie on or a perfect pair of pressed khakis and a polo shirt. Always charming and was thought to be very romantic; married 5 times.

Paul Newman– He was a very Americana-style type of man. He was a stunning man with piercing blue eyes who could wear jeans, khakis, suits, and anything else with ease.

Steve McQueen– He had this cool, kind of sophisticated bad boy look. He wore a lot of jeans that were more fitted and plain colored t-shirts. He could be found with sunglasses on his face and a cigarette in his mouth or hand. He also liked his suits tailor-made.

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George Clooney– He is seen as a very sophisticated looking man who has had salt and pepper hair for most of his career. He has a very charismatic way about him and pulls off a tuxedo better than most men.

Brad Pitt– He is someone who is able to change up his style every few years and definitely did this a lot in his 20’s and 30’s. He is known for a half sophisticated and half cool vibe with whatever he is wearing. He has found a way to look great no matter what he’s wearing.

What made these six men stand out? Their charisma, charm, and confidence. No matter what has gone on in their personal lives, these men exude a confidence that has drawn women to them and made men want to be them.

Anyone can have confidence, but far too many go too far and it comes off as cocky or arrogant. And where some women love a man who’s cocky, very few want to deal with some arrogant guy thinking he’s too good for them.

And usually arrogance is just covering up some deep insecurities, so are you really that confident?

True confidence is being okay with yourself. Not needing to present some sort of front to draw people in. It’s knowing what you have to offer. It’s being able to stand on your own persona and looks without needing others to do it for you.

What’s an easy way to be confident without needing a bunch of money? First off, don’t be afraid to be yourself. If you are a comic book nerd, wear your sneakers, t-shirts, and hoodies. If you are a business guy, rock your suits (just make sure they are well tailored), and if you have a country vibe, wear your mens square toe cowboy boots, fitted jeans, and button-down shirts. Just make sure it’s your style that makes you feel good.

Secondly, make sure you smell good. It could be just your soap and deodorant, but you put them on and therefore are clean. Plus, wear clean clothes and give a crap about your appearance. You don’t need to shave off your beard or cut off all your hair, but make sure it’s combed and clean.

The next thing you can do is go through your wardrobe, look at what isn’t working for you anymore. If your dog chewed up any of your clothes, get rid of them. If something has been stained a bunch of times or got bleach on it, throw it away. If there is a mysterious smell that you can’t wash away, it needs to go! Find your style and wear it confidently.

Sometimes a man feels like needs to be more confident when it comes dating women. If you feel this way, check out this article that is found in Men’s Health. Sometimes something as simple as a woman knowing you are confident with what you are doing with her can be turned back around on you for a confidence boost. Think about it.

Your confidence can come in many different ways. Look at your life and see what you can make better. If you feel stuck in life, make some goals, set dates for when you want to do things, and celebrate the victories, big and small. If you’ve been wanting to get in shape, anytime is a good time. And if you’ve been wanting to ask someone out but are afraid of what they might say, ask. You never know unless you ask. Just be yourself and that could get you very far.



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