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Practice is Key to Improving Shooting Accuracy

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Whether you’re a veteran at shooting or are just starting to use the firearm you built from an 80 lower at the gun range, you’re bound to hit a shooting slump once in your life. In some cases, you might want to improve your shooting skills only to be stuck at a plateau. Sadly, there are no shortcuts, and the only way to improve your skill is to put in the time.

There is always room for improvement, but intensive practice isn’t always synonymous to perfection. The level of accuracy you can get to trickles down to the practice method that you commit to. Luckily, it is all as easy as making practice a routine.

Here is how to work on your accuracy:

Take Some Time off The Bench

Some rifle shooters end up wedding the shooting benches while often using load management as their excuse. Sadly, you can never reach your peak potential by only practicing shooting using a single stance, according to Bellevue gun range training staff. If you carry a shooting stick, use it in various positions within the range to ensure that you will be comfortable enough using them when it finally comes to the real world.

Also, practice shooting in different field positions, starting from squatting, offhand shooting, and even kneeling. The more you can vary your shooting stance, the easier it will be to identify the stance that you are most accurate with. However, be brutally honest when judging your shooting progress to make the necessary changes.

Dry Fire Training is Key

Dry fire practice sessions are as valuable as live fire practice sessions when it comes to refining your trigger control as well as learning other aspects of improving your aim. While it can be borderline boring at first, it saves a lot of ammo that would have otherwise been sent downrange and can even be done at home as long as you have a separate room for practicing.

If you choose to practice at home, first ensure that there is no ammunition in your gun and double check once you remove them. Since there will be no noise or recoil, it should be easier for you to focus on the shooting basics and improve your aim. It might be wise to lower your curtains when practicing to avoid alarming the neighbors. On the other hand, let any roommate and family members know of your practice sessions too.

Vary Your Training Routine

Sticking to the same shooting drills throughout your training sessions can not only make you fall into a rut, but it can also increase the chances that you will perfect certain shooting skill and fail at others. From time to time, you should try drills that are far from your comfort zone.

Typically, break the practice session into 20% of basic shooting skills to boost confidence, 60% of your current skill base, and 20% of advanced drills to take yourself a step further. It might also pay to practice with a shooting partner to improve your shooting skill and add some competitive edge to your practice sessions. Furthermore, they can be quite pivotal in evaluating your progress.

Keep Your Focus on Shooting

During some days, you will be too tired to shoot accurately. You might have worked too much or had a lot on your mind. While most people might want to force their drive back up, it might only be a waste of ammunition.

On the other hand, this can be the precursor to a habit of losing focus quite easily while on the shooting range. Whenever you feel exhausted, feel free to call it quits and take a rest. Sharpening your skills requires patience and focus.


There is no magic pill to getting better at shooting. It all depends on your commitment during practice. Consider the tips above to improve your accuracy level.


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