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Recent times the Modern Relationships are falling at a distance so effortlessly

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Nowadays relationship has become harder. What is the reason now persons all of a sudden become so clumsy at creating relationships last? So when this situation comes in, there might questions rise where people has forgotten to love or poorer be unable to remember what love is.


In this generation we are not ready for the sacrifices and compromises, for the unconditional love. We never want to devote all that it takes to make a relationship work rather we want the whole thing easy. Entirely it takes a solo difficulty to make us crumble to our feet. Certainly we don’t give time for our love grows in its place we let go before time.


In life we are only seeking for pleasure, delight and thrill but we are not looking for love. We are looking for person who will come and enjoy movies and party with you and spend time with, but not expecting a person who realizes us even in our deepest silences. We should think of making sweet memories on the other hand we are just spending time together.

We are not interested in having a boring life. We are not looking for a good partner in life. We are looking for partner who can just create us feel alive right now that too this very instant. When the enthusiasm weakens, we realize nobody constantly set us for the mundane. Since we are thrilled by the adventure alone we have become blind enough that we don’t believe in the beauty of predictability.

We are engaged ourselves in the insignificant of the city life, saying good bye for love. We don’t have the endurance to deal with relationships as we don’t have time to love. We are hectic persons pursuing materialistic visions and there is no choice to love. Relationships are nothing more than closeness.

We require immediate satisfaction, delight, and pleasure in everything we do even the stuffs we post online, the career opportunity we select and the people we fall in love with. We need the maturity in a bond that derives with time; the passionate links that ripens over ages, that sense of feel right once we hardly even be familiar with the other person. Actually, nothing’s worth our time and patience –even love too.


Nowadays technology has made us closer, very closer that sometimes it is impossible to breathe too. The text messages, voice messages, snap chats and video calls have replaced our physical presence. That is the reason we don’t think about spending time together and more over there is nothing left over to talk about.

This generation partners are very much scared. They are even sacred to fall in love, scared to have a commitment, scared to get down, scared to get hurt and scared to get our hearts broken. We neither want anyone to step in our heart nor do we try to step in their hearts and love each other.


We crawl around from behind walls we have made ourselves, watching for love and running away the moment we actually find it. We quickly ‘cannot handle it’. We don’t want to be vulnerable and also don’t need to bare our soul to any person. We want to be much secured and protected are too guarded.

In our time we are not at all giving value to our relationship. We let our wonderful people to go from our life and will not consider them. There is not anything we couldn’t get the better of in this world, and however, here we are clumsy at the game of love – the utmost simple of human natures.


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