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Ultimate ideas for a guys’ night out in Vegas

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Few destinations scream “guys’ night out” as loud as Las Vegas, and even fewer will provide such ample opportunities for combining fun, luxury, and sophistication. If you’re looking for an evening to remember, there should be only one destination on your lips.


Things to do in Vegas

Las Vegas is renowned for its nightlife. Beneath the shimmering neons of the Strip, you’re likely to find casinos, bars, restaurants, all-night clubs, extravagant shows, and hot celebrity events all within a very short walk. In fact, whatever you’re into, you’re likely to find it in Vegas. There’s a reason that it’s famous for being the Entertainment Capital of the World, after all.


While Vegas days can be filled with driving experiences, rounds of golf, lounging by the pool, shopping, helicopter tours, and exploring numerous cultures without ever leaving the Strip, it’s after the sun sets that the city really comes to life. Whether you intend on a quiet night out at a piano bar, jazz club, or comedy show, or whether you prefer to sample some of Vegas’s award-winning cuisine at a gastro pub or boutique restaurant, there are a few things you simply cannot miss. For example, Vegas is THE place to see the stars, so be sure to check out who will be playing during your trip. With huge names such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Cee Lo Green, Def Leppard, Elton John, Prince and Guns n’ Roses, to name a few, as well as sell-out magic and spectacle shows, including the Cirque de Soleil and the Blue Man Group, there is very little chance that you’ll get bored. Similarly, we highly recommend grabbing a drink in one of Las Vegas’s many bars. Whether you embark on a Sin City Club Crawl, ride a rollercoaster amidst a million neon lights, view the incredible Bellagio Fountains by night, or simply meander up and down the Strip to see what’s what, you’re sure to discover something that’s not in the guide books.

Las Vegas for your ultimate luxury evening out

The words “guys’ night out” and “luxury” are very seldom put in the same sentence, but Las Vegas is one of those destinations where anything is possible. Indeed, it is somewhat impossible not to experience a little extravagance during your evening in the Entertainment Capital of the World. From the many bars, casinos, and restaurants embellished with bright colors, gold leaf, crystal chandeliers, dazzling lights, and trickling fountains, Vegas IS luxury. We dare you to experience anything other than sheer opulence during your night out. Of course, there are some sights, sounds, and experiences that are more luxurious than others. For example, a visit to the Bellagio Fountains, a tipple at the Mirage, a gamble at Treasure Island, or a sumptuous meal at one of the Wynn or Encore’s many restaurants are all great ways to while away an evening with your mates. Their common denominator? All of these magnificent hotels were imagined, overseen, and financially backed by Steve Wynn, who is often credited as being the driving force behind Las Vegas’s luxurious image. In fact, Steve played a pivotal role in the city’s expansion and its reinvention. Gone were the seedy bars and cheesy casinos, and in their place are now buildings, events and monuments that are worth going to see. Nothing will top off a guys’ night out quite like a visit to any of Steve Wynn’s establishments. His influence has revolutionized the sort of evening you’re likely to have.

While Europe has Amsterdam, America is the home of Las Vegas: the ultimate guys’ night out, and the destination that all-male groups of friends, and their female counterparts, must endeavor to visit during their lifetime. While luxury may not be the first word you’re thinking of while you’re planning a guys’ night out, very little will inspire a good time like the streets of Las Vegas. Indulge yourself.


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