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6 Clear Signs a Woman Is Sexually Attracted to You

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In the wild, animals have rituals that signal their readiness to mate. There’s a display of bright feathers or a particular pheromone in the air, and all parties involved know it’s time to get it on.

But how do you know a woman is sexually attracted to you? 

Ladies don’t usually announce their attraction with a sign (and if she does—run), so there have to be other more subtle signs that a lady finds you attractive and there’s sexual chemistry stirring up your relationship.

So what do you look out for?

6 Signs That She’s Really Into You

Here are some not-so-obvious signs that she’s attracted to you.

1. She Seeks You Out

When a woman is sexually attracted to you, she will find reasons to be near you.

If she’s your colleague, she will randomly stop by for a chat, or she will always find a way to pass you in the office hallways.

Ladies who are sexually attracted to you may constantly look at you, searching for you with their eyes and turning their bodies toward you.

Connection is a biological drive, indicating that there is a chemical reaction happening in her brain. Her hormones are literally telling her to get with you NOW.

2. Blushing and Self-Touching 

“With all of that chemical reactivity in her brain, the lady in question will have a bright glowing blush on her cheeks when she looks at you or if you catch her looking at you”, says Krystyna Trushyna, author and relationship coach to Doves of Love. That bashful flush and lowered eyes isn’t her playing hard to get—it’s her logical mind battling her more primitive self. 

Part of this is the self-touching instinct. Like a female animal may groom herself when she’s seeking to attract a mate, your lady friend will begin touching her cheeks, neck, and strands of hair. She’s self-preening, but she’s also drawing your eyes to her body, luring you in.

3. She Communicates More and Giggles

When a woman is sexually attracted to you, she will try to hold your attention by talking to you about any topic you may be interested in.

She will let you ramble, and she may also engage in flattering activities such as complimenting you or telling others how amazing you are.

She will also giggle frequently, seeking to further please you and interest you. 

4. She Mirrors Your Body Movements and Posture

When we are drawn to someone, we tend to mirror them. This happens subconsciously. When a woman is attracted to you, she may copy your pose and stance.

So if you cross your arms, she’ll do the same, and if you move away from your desk, she will copy. If she walks next to you, she will match her strides to mirror yours.

By copying your physical movements, it is an invitation to “dance” with her. Combine this with blushing and shy touching of her face and neck, and she’s put up a billboard asking you to take the next step and potentially move toward a serious relationship.

5. Open Invitations to Hook Up

In the past, women were much more reserved and admitting she wanted to have sex with you would have been a social taboo. Today, women are more open in their invitations to move toward a sexual encounter. 

A woman may openly invite you to her place, while hinting at what she wants by crossing and uncrossing her legs, touching her clothes, clenching her fists, and licking her lips. These are all overtly sexual gestures, designed to make you want her more.

Some women are confident enough to simply tell you that she wants to have sex with you and that she’s attracted to you. She may tempt you with a whispered fantasy, inviting you to try a  new position or sexual game with her.

Sex is a basic need to a sexually aware woman, and she may see this as part of your relationship or she may choose to see it as casual and less binding than you do. Be sure to check what the expectations are before you slip into her bed (or shower or sofa).

6. Reducing Personal Distance  

If a woman is sexually attracted to you, she will move into your space whenever possible. Being in close proximity is a kind of foreplay to her, and she will find ways to get close enough to touch you and make some sort of physical contact happen.

She may find a way to have you touch her, such as dropping things so you will pick them up and hand them to you. When she takes the item from your hand, she will caress your fingers as she takes it.

If you are already dating, she may move further by leaning against you, kissing you frequently, and slipping her hands into areas of your body that are usually not open to casual touching such as your chest, pockets, and the nape of your neck.


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