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Wedding Gift Ideas for your Best Friend

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For most men, knowing what to get for friends, colleagues, etc. for their wedding is somewhat difficult. And since it’s now even your best friend getting married, more is expected of you; you would want to get a wedding gift away from the usual for him and his sweetheart.

There are tons of wedding gift ideas and some have been compiled in this article for you to select from. So, get into reading the article right away.

15 wedding gift ideas for your Best Friend

1. Photo Plaque

A good way to help your fave and his darling remember the day they started their journey to forever is by getting them a photo plaque. You can decide to get them one to place on their table as a daily reminder of their love.

Also, there may be a lovely inscription on it that’ll always make them happy. A photo plaque may be little, but it’s a contribution to the wedding, and your friend will never forget it.

2. Customized Pillow

If you’re looking for a good addition to the photo plaque, then consider customized pillows. You can decide to inscribe their names or twitch it up with their nicknames or favorite pet names.

This will surely be one of their most treasured gifts and household items when they settle in their home. Interestingly, it fits other romantic purposes like date nights too. So, get them one, preferably in their favorite colors.

3. Customized Mugs

Just like pillows, customized mugs can never go wrong. Everyone loves a cup of coffee in the morning and on cold nights, so make your friend and his wife enjoy their coffee by getting them customized couple’s mugs.

When doing this, be creative with the name inscription or you could stick to the traditional titles ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’. It’s all up to you to decide.

4. Wristwatch

Another perfect gift idea to gift your friend is a nice wristwatch. Wristwatches are very stylish and you should be familiar with your friend’s interests. So, go on shopping for the best wristwatches with a nice appearance and get the groom one. If you like the twinning idea, get a feminine one for the bride as well.

5. Custom Made Pins

Getting the groom a custom-made pin will definitely change the wedding game from 0 to 100. Custom-made pins are worn by men on different occasions and while some come in a flower shape, others can have some nice inscriptions on them.

So you could get one custom-made pin for your friend with an inscription of the day he proposed to his wife, an important date for their relationship, names, or any other piece that crosses your mind.

6. Wedding Socks

Hilarious right? But wedding socks are amongst the best sets of gifts for your friend. However, when getting one, select one that will be meaningful to him.

For example, you can get a pair of socks that has an image of his hobbies, favorite words, etc. This gift, though little, will keep your friend happy all through the wedding. Remember it’s the thoughts that matter.

7. Customized accessory box

If your friend is a die-hard fan of accessories, then get him one as a wedding gift. This accessory box could contain a pair of shades, cufflinks, wrist watches, wristbands, etc. It’s also a good medium to remind your friend about organizing his things well if he struggles with it.

8. Honeymoon Tickets to their favorite country

If you’re willing to spend some good bucks on gift ideas for your friend, then consider buying honeymoon tickets for the couple. Before the wedding, stylishly ask your friends what the plans are and then move ahead to get your magic done.

Maldives, Fiji, Santorini, and Paris are amongst the best destination places for honeymooners. It’ll be appreciated all through their lives and you be happy being a part of a milestone in their journey. 

9. Hiking Bag

If your friend loves climbing adventures, then get him a kit bag to use during the honeymoon. This will come in handy for the couple when they’re on their own during the honeymoon. Include very important items in the bag and some safety gear as well.

10. Perfumes

Smelling good is important, especially for your friend on his big day. So, get his favorite perfume as a gift. To switch it up a bit, you can get branded perfumes for the couple, but one that is more feminine for the wife.

11. Game Card

A game card is another thoughtful gift to get your friend during his wedding. A couple’s game cards help them resuscitate the spice in the marriage when it’s getting cold.

These cards could be random game ideas the duo can play whenever they choose to or contain some more intimate ideas for their romantic adventures. Ensure the game contains some of their favorite things to do as well. They’ll definitely thank you for the idea.

12. Gift Cards

You can’t get the couple all they want. Also, there will be some items they wish to save up for and buy later from different stores. A good way to help your friend out is by getting him a gift card as a wedding gift.

The gift card can be used to get any item on their wishlist from their favorite store. If you can’t afford this alone, get other friends of yours in to contribute their share.

13. Spa session

Wedding preparation periods are very stressful and time-consuming as well. So, gifting the couple an all-paid spa session isn’t a bad idea. It’ll help them relax and get over the rigors of wedding planning. Likewise, it’ll set them in the mood for their journey forever.

14. Painting

Have you considered wall paintings yet? These are very nice gift ideas for the couple. Get them to reminisce on their favorite memories by putting them into some beautiful artwork. Include some inscriptions as well. Wherever that painting is hung will surely be one of their favorite spots in their home.

15. Wedding ring holders

No doubt, men can be quite forgetful when it comes to storing their rings. So, save your friend some stress by getting him a ring holder. It holds a variety of ring styles and keeps them intact with zero scratches.

You can suggest to your friend to get a durable wedding band on reputable websites like mens wedding band io and you can even choose to sponsor both the ring and the ring holder. 


That’s all about the gift ideas you can send out to your friends getting married soon. It’s all up to you to decide how and what will suit the couple perfectly.


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