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The Ultimate Checklist for Making the Best Wedding Plan in 2023

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Planning for a wedding could, most times, be an overwhelming thing to do. Whether it is a small or big wedding, some plans must be laid out for the big day.

There are many things to sort out to have a smooth wedding day. Hence, timely preparation is the best.

In this post, you will learn the simple steps to plan out that big day seamlessly.

Step-by-Step Wedding Plan Checklist for 2023

To make that day very memorable, you should do the following

  • Allocate enough time for planning

The first thing or note to make when making the best wedding plan is to allocate enough time for the planning.

You do not have to wait until three months or a few weeks before you start making your plan.

Making your wedding plans 12 months to 18 months before your special day is the best as there would be enough time for you to plan accordingly and you can also start saving from this time if you need to.

  • Determine your Budget

The next step is for you to start thinking about the budget. A common thing for most couples is thinking about that big wedding without figuring out how the spending will be done.

Prepare a budget considering everything that you will need to spend. In the other steps below, you’ll get an idea of those contingencies you must meet while budgeting. 

If you start making your plans earlier, chances are that you will still be able to save more, even beyond what you think you can get before the wedding.

If your parents, friends, or loved ones will help financially, you can include this in your budget. However, be sure they are ready to do this for you before including it.

  • Think about the Wedding Ring

Wedding rings form a vital part of your wedding, and even if your wedding is going to be done from the four corners of your home, you will still need that wedding ring.

Start checking out the latest women’s and mensweddingbands. And since wedding rings are of several categories, even if you are on a low budget, you will still get a call that will suit your choice.

  • Prepare a list of guest

So another checklist you should note is the list of guests that will be attending. Remember that the number of guests you intend to invite will still determine how much you will spend on them.

Moreover, the number of guests will also determine the venue size you will be using. And in most cases, the size of your wedding venue will determine how much you will be charged for the venue.

Above all, prioritizing who to attend your wedding is the best as you wouldn’t want a crowded event.

Having a moderately sized wedding in terms of the number of guests will help keep the flow of the event intact on your big day

  • Consider Hiring a wedding planner

You could also decide to hire a wedding planner, but it still all depends on your budget.

While getting a wedding planner, be sure to hire reliable personnel who are ready to guide you throughout the process.

And having a wedding planner doesn’t mean that you give every plan about your wedding for them to solve.

But to get the best result while working with them, ensure that you both work hand in hand, analyze choices together, and make decisions together.

  • Make a Plan for your Health and well being

Planning for weddings could be a tough one if you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by it. 

You should know that you must be emotionally, mentally, and physically fit for that day. 

So in making plans every day, ensure you take a good meal and a good rest. Prepare and go for a fitness and wellness guide if need be.

  • Make Plans for the venue

This is still one big point you will need to decide on. As there is always a wedding event now and then, sorting your venue as soon as possible is the best.

You can do that by the sixth or eighth month before your wedding. 

Many people may have already booked that event center you have in mind. So, to avoid disappointments, ensure you book as early as possible

  • Select the Caterer

This food personnel is essential, and getting the best of them is vital. If your wedding venue is a hotel, ask them if they can sort all catering services out for you.

If it’s also an event center, ask them about it. For your catering plans, the amount you will be spending will depend greatly on who you are hiring for this.

  • Contact and Prepare other Vendors

Other vendors will include the photographer, musician, transport personnel, security personnel and lots more should be contacted.

  • Shop for your wedding dress and choose your color theme

You must consider everything you will wear on that big day, including the shoes, dress, jewelry, make-up, hairdo, and so on. 

While the groom might not need so much, the bride, which is always the center of attraction, has a lot to plan here. 

Come up with a list of the best vendors you can consider and choose appropriately. Remember you don’t have to spend so much to look good, choose the best outfit.

Apart from your dressing, you will also want to consider what your guest should be on. Although some couples do not bother about this, choosing a color theme for your event is still the best.

  • Prepare your Invitation flyer and distribute

Get a designer to design your wedding flyer and distribute it. Provide some to your parents, who will be willing to invite guests, but keep in mind not to spread the flyer beyond the list of guests you wish to invite

  • Book for the Honeymoon

Plan out the best honeymoon. This can be done as a surprise by the groom, and also you can both plan this out. 

Consider the places for your honeymoon, the budget, travel arrangements, days or months to spend on your honeymoon, and so on.


You should know that there is no one size fit for making a wedding plan. However, following the steps discussed in this post will not only guarantee to make an accurate plan, but it is sure your wedding day is going to be memorable.


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