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Why men pay more for car insurance than women

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This is a gender debate that has raged for ages, and will continue far into the future, even past the time of our extinction. You would think that when it comes to car insurance that all would be even, and in a few sates that is true. But for most, your gender may be used against you.

Even though that is the case, it is not the only deciding aspect that makes a difference. Your age is. They both go hand in hand. If you look at the data that has been collected by Forbes you can see that men do pay more than women. Younger males pay a substantial amount, up until about forty-five when things become a little more even. 

But why would this be the case? Statistics from all over the world shows the same thing. Time and again men have higher rates of accidents. Young and old it does not matter. Let us check out a few reasons why this is the case.

  • Being aggressive, and fearless, are traits that men have. There is no denying that. This includes actions while driving. Men are way more apt to take chances and drive erratically. Now this is not always the case. Some men are perfect drivers that always play it safe, and some women drive like they are on a racetrack. This information is based on the average statistics taken from websites that conduct such research, such as the Traffic Safety Culture Index.

  • You would think that impaired driving is something that all genders have in common, but once again that is not the case. Men are much more likely to drive when impaired. Maybe that is because they have no fears, or perhaps because they never think that they are unable to do something. Women are more likely to admit when they cannot drive and will hand the keys over.

  • Even though the best auto insurance companies understand that men driving have a bigger chance to get into a collision. We are not talking about a small collision either. The ones where fatalities are present are more common when male drivers are involved. Once again it goes back to testosterone that men have. They have the need to be aggressive and fearless.

When it comes down to it insurance companies do what they need to do to make as much money as possible. In the states where it is allowed insurance companies will judge you for your gender. It may not seem fair, but since rates are all computed through programs that generate risk numbers, it is all based on statistics and information gathered from around the world.


The premiums are always based off random information that you (or your agent) inputs into the computer. Advanced algorithms run everything through their computer databases and spit out a risk number. That number puts you into a specific bracket, allowing the system to offer you car insurance policies that match your lifestyles. It will also generate the amount of the yearly premium that you will need to pay.

The higher the risk that you are, the more costly the premiums will be. That is the whole point behind the system of risk and risk ratings. It makes it easier for the insurance carriers to offer the plans that are already set into place. When they must make alterations to policies it costs them time. Time is money, and money is everything to an insurance company.

The bottom line is that males do pay more in premium costs than their female counterparts. Men are not as safe and considerate when driving, which leads them into more accidents overall.


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