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Infinity Q - Car Feature - SWAGGER Magazine



Photos: Courtesy of Infinity


A new generation of futuristic technology is launched with the INFINITI Q Inspiration Concept. The perfect blend of comfort and class, the INFINITI Q is the car of the future

At the recent International Auto Show in Detroit, automotive brand INFINITI released their astounding Q Inspiration concept. Marking the beginning of a new generation of INFINITI vehicles and technology.

The INFINITI Q Inspiration showcases futuristic-like applications for INFINITI’s variable compression ratio VC-Turbo technology and emphasizes the first instance of INFINITI’s new form language for an era of improved powertrains. The classical sedan design is traded in for the coupe-like proportions and a longer silhouette, as the four-cylinder VC-Turbo frees designers from the restrictions of traditional powertrain architecture.


Infinity Q - Exterior - SWAGGER Magazine

Infinity Q – Exterior Front View (Photos: Courtesy of Infinity)

Also in this concept, understanding the next stage in vehicle autonomy for INFINITI, ProPILOT allows drivers to assign more tedious driving tasks to the vehicle and enjoy an increased ability to effectively respond to hazards.

Executive Design Director at INFINITI, Karim Habib said:

“We aim to take traditional sedan architecture to its next stage of evolution. Q Inspiration offers an alternative form; something more flowing in appearance with an unusually long and balanced cabin. Experimenting with new proportions in a typically conservative segment, the Q Inspiration features a shorter hood and longer body, with all the benefits to interior well-being, comfort and space that this layout entails.”


Infinity Q - Interior - SWAGGER Magazine

Infinity Q – Interior Driver Side View Phhotos: Courtesy of Infinity)

Additionally, Vice President of Product and Programs for INFINITI, Francios Bancon, commented: “The beauty of the VC-Turbo powertrain is that it is a global technology. While we have plans to electrify our product portfolio in future, drivers all around the world are still reliant on internal combustion engines for their transport needs. This new engine not only complies with every emissions standard currently in effect around the world, it also offers a compelling blend of turbocharged performance and high efficiency, challenging the notion that these qualities are unique to hybrid power.”

Release dates for the brand new Q Inspiration are yet to be finalized, but if the concept is anything to go off of, it’s definitely a car capable of giving us a glimpse into the future.


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