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The Chiseled McLaren 720S Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

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McLaren believes knowledge paves the way to success. And with their Formula1 design plan, McLaren stays ahead in the race. They’ve always believed weightless was the way to go, not compromising state of the art technology, aerodynamics, and of course, optimal design. The 720S is a 710-horsepower, twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8, driving the rear wheels through a seven-speed automatic.

The 720S starts at $285,000, completely customizable. McLaren wasn’t kidding when they said the 720S was inspired by the Great White Shark. It’s super sleek, eliminating all dispensable components, and creating lines, body cut-outs, and a retractable spoiler to manipulate air to reduce drag and cool the engine. Aesthetically genius and chiseled.


The twin-hinged dihedral doors are especially unique since the door handles are hidden away. It takes a few minutes to figure out where they are. It’s intimidatingly sophisticated, and you can feel the sleekness as air glides right off you while you skyrocket in 3.5 seconds.

A unique aspect about the 720S is the dashboard, which recedes away when turned off. The only time you’ll ever see the gauge cluster is when you turn your vehicle’s settings to “track” or “Sport” mode, two of the few drive settings available.
When it whirls back to its default position, you’re left to see only your speed, a nice way to remind yourself that you are inside a McLaren. The 720S lightweight build enables you to actually feel the speed, that moment when your heart melts backward behind you, as you burn rubber.


McLaren 720S Interior Dashboard - SWAGGER Magazine
Leather extends from the electronically operated and heated seats to the dashboard, headlining and rear luggage area. Finishing touches are provided by Iridium brightware and details in dark Satin Graphite. (Photo: Courtesy of McLaren)

The gauge cluster also allows you to view personal messages, calls, music preferences, temperatures, and so much more. But on the right side is where you get information about your tire’s temperature, only for acceleration purposes, of course.

The 720S also caters to the rich and famous, obviously. But for all you car collectors, the 720S displays a battery percentage, for when it’s laying in a luxury garage somewhere while you’re away on vacation in Dubai minting more money. The McLaren will keep you in the loop.

McLaren also removed the gear buttons and installed gear levers, to make it feel like you’re in a high-profile aircraft of sorts. There are windows just above the passenger and driver seats, attached to the door, adding to the feeling of flying in the open air. The drift control mode also lets you enjoy the 720S to maximum winding curves while its seat slightly tucks in forward as you drive, kind of like the Bat Mobile. Completely meant for sheer pleasure.


McLaren 720S Suicide Doors - SWAGGER Magazine
The rare upward opening of the doors (similar to the Lamborghini) is one of the most alluring design features of the 720S. The twin-hinged dihedral doors sweep forwards and up, a great way to wow your guests, or make a grand appearance. (Photo: Courtesy of McLaren)

The valet mode of the McLaren makes you think you should have been a billionaire in Beverly Hills, allowing you to select a pin for the valet driver parking your exotic vehicle, keeping speed limits to 35 MPH.

McLaren stays true to its auto racing history with the 720S Track Telemetry, a mode that allows you to take your car to a race course, stores your top speed, lap scores, and weather conditions that record drive performance at the turf.


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