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Time To Climb: SWAGGER meets with Tasha Wall


Time To Climb: SWAGGER meets with Tasha Wall

These are grand times, and we men of Swagger are awash with more beautiful women per capita than at ever before, and Tasha Wall sits highly on that list.  She famously tuned her “cute” body into a fit, tight, perfect package after a bad breakup and has subsequently taken the fitness world by storm. That sublime combination of model and fitness instructor makes for one hell of a one-two punch, and luck for us, Swagger got a little time with the girl who’s going to be a household name by summer’s end.  Read on dear reader, read on.


Swagger: Why? (having seen dozens of before and after pics of you, you weren’t hard to look at before, Was there a lightbulb moment that made you start turning superfit?

Tasha Wall: I had just ended an unhealthy relationship with an ex who cheated on me. It was a blast to the ego and I decided I was I gonna make him sorry for what he did. I hated that I was always being called “cute” so I made it my mission to become HOT. I finally morphed myself into one of the girls I used to only stare at and wish I could be like. Best decision I’ve ever made.


SW:  What sort of goals do you set for yourself now that you look basically perfect?


TW: It’s all about my modeling career and being innovative with my personal training business. I remember I used to browse through men’s magazines and wish that I could be inside them. I love admiring other women’s bodies and so getting published in stuff like this is what feels the most amazing to me at this point. It’s a way of documenting my success. It’s a thrill that I can’t get enough of.

(ed. Happy to oblige)


SW: What happens when you go through this kind of change? Do doors open that wouldn’t have otherwise?


TW: Everything changes! My weight loss story led me to personal training which then led me to modeling. When you feel good it’s a reflection in your life as a whole.  I also noticed that people treat you a lot differently once you get into shape. It’s kind of unfortunate but true. I do photoshoots and stuff like this for myself and what I get out of it, but it’s opened a million doors for me too. My business is so booming that I can’t keep up with the demand.


SW: What do fitness model/high end personal trainers do for fun? (and can Men’s magazine writers come too?)


TW: I LOVE to travel, hike and do extreme sports. I like seeing other cultures and going on adventures across the world. I feel like there’s so many places to go and see and I need to experience it all. I went white water rafting in Thailand, climbed tabletop mountain and went on a night safari in South Africa, bungee jumped in Cabos and I just went skydiving here in Canada. I’m always up for the next adrenaline rush! t’s like I am always craving excitement.  Maybe it’s because my daily life is so disciplined with my fitness and nutrition that it’s my way of letting loose.


SW: What’s the best city in the world?


TW: So far I would say Cape Town South Africa. So incredible! Being able to go on a safari and see the animals out in the wild like that is a completely different experience then the zoo. To see a giraffe strolling down the hwy is pretty surreal.


SW: What’s your dream car? Does the love a man puts into his car impress you?


TW: I like trucks and motorcycles more actually! The sound of a Harley engine is way sexier then a sports car.  I think a man’s vehicle shows a bit about his personality so ya I can appreciate him taking care of something he’s worked hard to get but it doesn’t need to be over the top to be impressive. I’m more impressed by the actions taken to earn the car in the first place.


SW: Do you ever look at out-of-shape fellas and try to figure out what they would look like if they did what you do?


TW: I do wonder sometimes what’s holding people back from getting fit and it makes me curious to know if they would act, walk or talk differently. Confidence can be a major game changer. So ya I sometimes look at guys and picture kind of a mini make over in my head.


SW: If the women in our lives start packing on the pounds, how should we go about “righting the ship”.


TW: The absolute worst possible thing you could do is even mildly hint at it. That will just get you in trouble, and she won’t want to take her clothes off in front of you again. Chances are, she already knows. Instead, start cooking dinner for her instead of taking her out to restaurants where food is packed with butter and oil. BBQ is a nice healthy alternative and it will score you major brownie points. You can ask her if she wants to hit the gym with you or plan active dates like going for hikes or walks. You have to lead by example. If you eat healthy, she’ll probably notice and want to do the same. You can’t expect to order pizza without her stealing a slice. Start telling her about how good the gym makes you feel and the results you’re getting. Once you manage to get her to start working out or eating healthier, make sure you give tons of compliments and make it known that it’s showing, compliment specific body parts that you’ve noticed toning up. As soon as she hears that, you’ve got it in the bag. Once you have her going to the gym, if she mentions she doesn’t know what to do then suggest a personal trainer to show her the ropes. Most women are very intimidated by the weight room and that’s what’s holding them back.


SW: Any Parting words of wisdom to our Men of Swagger?


TW: It doesn’t take a lot to impress women. They usually just need attention and to feel special. Just be normal. No pick up lines, just a simple introduction is good.








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