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Andra Petru

If you are one of those people that have no idea what it is like to push a VHS tape into a VCR, then you cannot truly appreciate where this beauty has come from.

They say you can never get the full package in Hollywood.

There will always be something missing, they say,

but Andra Petru is proving Hollywood wrong.

…Looks…shes got them.  …Wit…shes got it too   … dance, acting, improv… shes got them all. Andra has been in almost everything you can think of…

doing what?

honing her skills.

Andra has worked more independent films, sitcoms, talk-shows, commercials, music videos than you can count, and has modeled for several brands including being the face for a national makeup company. We could name a few more things you’ve likely seen her in, but we’d rather talk about where you’ll likely see her next…


Yes. We said it.

As if Adrian Grenier and the crew of Entourage didn’t already have some of the hottest women in Hollywood grace each episode.

Andra Petru will make an appearance in the Entourage movie in 2015. So if you don’t know her yet. She will be the one to know, and for a girl that has been acting from such a young age. It is our honor to have had an opportunity to sit with her and find out just how she made it this far, where shes planning to go and what it was like to be on the set of Entourage.


So…Entourage, were you a fan of the show before all this?


Yes I was a huge fan of the TV show. I own all the seasons on dvd and still watch them now. I remember before moving out to LA I use to watch every episode and just daydream.


How did you land the role?


We grew up watching these guys and the TV show just hit a niche with our generation. When I heard a movie was in the works I just prayed for an opportunity to be even a small part of it. So you can imagine how ecstatic I was to receive a callback. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to hear the words “Andra you are going to be part of a lesbian couple, in Lamaze class and pregnant.” He could have told me anything at that point, just hearing the word Entourage was enough for me.  Bring on the pregnant belly suit.


Any interesting stories from the set?


As soon as I stepped foot onset I knew I was going to be part of something special. Everyone was in good spirit and director Doug Ellin just seemed like the nicest guy. There was just a good vibe all around. Our Lamaze class scene was defiantly done Entourage style, all the “pregnant” gals were 5’9 and drop-dead gorgeous.


The Entourage gang poses an interesting set of archetypes for young, affluent males.  What do you think of the characters, strictly as an HBO viewer, and how true to form are they to guys you’ve met in those actual situations?


As a fan I think one of the many reasons the show was a huge success was because it was so perfectly cast with great actors. Onset everyone seemed exactly how you would expect them to be, down to earth, approachable, funny and just the type of guys you would want to befriend and have a beer with.


How would you say the “Glamour/hard work” ratio of Hollywood compares with the World of the Show/Movie?


For most actors starting out it seems like our careers are more like Johnny Drama than Vincent Chase. There are ups and downs but I think as long as you are genuine, passionate and love what you do, you are on the right track. The show does a great job touching on aspects of the Hollywood actor lifestyle and career but of course it’s different for everyone.  Yes there is glamour but at the end of the day, it’s like any other job, just a group of talented, creative, hardworking people doing what they love.


What happens next for Andra Petru?


I have had some neat experiences this year, I truly feel blessed. This fall keep yours eyes open because I might make an appearance on some of your favorite TV shows.


What does a budding movie star do for fun?


For me fun is being outdoors and staying active. There are so many trails and hikes in California and I love waking up early and running on the beach.  It’s my “ME” time, it just keeps me happy mentally and physically.  


What’s the best city in the world?


To live, any beach city in California but to visit my favorite is New York, New York. I love the buildings, the history, the fashion, the food, the diversity. There is always something to go see or do.  To me it seems like a very romantic and mystifying city.


What’s your dream car?


I have a thing for vintage cars from the 1950s. I would love to drive down the California coast on a hot summer night with my favorite song playing, top down in a 1955 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider.


Any words of Wisdom for our Men of Swagger?


Guys, make a girl laugh and she is yours. 



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