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Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Aquarium



Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Aquarium

If you are searching for a perfect mesmerizing decorative piece to renovate your home, apartment or office then the right choice would be Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Aquarium. The Aquarium is built by a long lasting vibrant acrylic, with a diameter of 8″ and 15″.

The tall cylindrical tank embraces of two ultimate gallons and to oxygenate the water inside the cylinder it makes use of a soundless air pump, one of the awesome feature is with a touch of a button it enables you to change different colors with a presence of an integrated LED light.


Adding to this entire feature you will be provided with a remote control, sponge filter to purify, salt, an air pump, and pipette, food for feeding, activated charcoal, nitrifying bacteria starter, and hydrometer.


Jellyfish are so calming to lookout that is similar to the bonsai tree or lava lamps of the pet world. Unluckily, since they are so delicate they should not be kept in the conservative saltwater aquaria, that is why there are said to be kept in special tanks than in normal one. Since in the conservative saltwater aquaria, the delicate animals are sucked up by the filter system. That is why the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano practices of using laminar water flow pattern so that it will mimics the natural currents of the open sea and circulates the jellyfish without any harm to it.


They will also offer you three tiny gelatinous marine swimmers that are fantastic enough to take care of. This gelatinous swimmers involve feeding only once in a day and has an average lifespan of considering one year of time. When you are in need of fresh ones then you just need to order more. Once you have placed you order then the company will send you the fresh live jellies which will be delivered right at your doorstep. The complete support system is intended to function coolly, therefore the tank leftovers at room temperature.

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