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4 Tips For Dressing For a Wedding

Getting an invitation to a wedding is a fun opportunity to go to a formal event and dress up a bit.  If you’ve never been to a wedding before, you may not know how to dress. Sure, you’ve seen photos of weddings before, but you’re lost on what to wear.


Beyond just dressing formal, there are a few other guidelines to follow when dressing up for a wedding. Here are some of the best tips to get you started



One of the most essential elements of putting together an outfit is knowing how to piece it together as a whole ensemble.  Rather than letting the clothes wear you, you should wear your clothes as a total statement piece.


Part of successfully accessorizing is knowing what pieces go with what and how it will match with your date if you’re planning on going with someone.  Pairing their bag with your pair of shoes, for example, is a great way to accessorize with a cohesive look.


Your accessories should always compliment each other so that the look comes together like a beautiful piece of art. Otherwise, if you hastily throw random looks together, you will run the risk of looking like a human sales rack with multiple patterns and colors.


Wear Colors


A critical social faux pas to avoid is wearing white to a wedding.  It’s the bride’s day to shine in white, so it’s considered distasteful for your date to steal her spotlight by wearing white herself.



As a general rule of thumb, it’s ok to bend the rules by wearing something that has white in it, or is white with a pattern. If in doubt, your date is probably better off avoiding the dress altogether and going for something else.


When choosing your suit and tie choose something with color in it.  Don’t be afraid to be bold.

Consider Comfort


When choosing your outfit, you should think about what kind of a wedding it will be.  If you’re going to a beach wedding, for example, you should probably avoid shoes which are too heeled since they’ll sink into the sand.


If you’re going to a wedding which is outdoors on the grass, you’ll probably want to wear something which is comfortable and built for being outside.  Otherwise, you could spend hours feeling uncomfortable wondering why you wore what you wore. When the reception rolls around, you want to be able to move and dance freely without feeling restricted by your outfit or shoes.



Coordinate With Your Date


For extra flair in photos, consider coordinating your outfit with your date.  By wearing the same colors, you’ll look incredibly sharp, like a couple out of an old movie.


You may want to consider going shopping together to find your outfits.  It can be a fun way to spend time together getting creative with different ideas for your wedding look.



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