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5 Tips to Improve your Brand Awareness Through Twitter

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With over 300 million active monthly users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Such a wide user  base makes it imperative that your business uses it as a vehicle for marketing its products, brands and services which it offers. However, to make it really effective as a marketing tool certain vital steps are necessary.

Strategize Carefully

The aim is to improve your brand image through the Twitter platform. You therefore need to be very  clear from the outset what your objectives are. Is your marketing goal to increase sales and profits, or you want to increase your target market and improve your brand image. What is your target audience? Perhaps you may need to buy Twitter accounts to increase your social media visibility. 

Who is Your Target Market? 

The middle class or upper class? Are you targeting the farming community? Is the target teenagers or the elderly and pensioners? These are questions to which answers are required in order to make effective use of twitter as a marketing tool. Knowing your target clients or customers will help you decide on the correct content for your posts. It helps in deciding on the best times of the day to post and the best days to do so. 

Strategic Twitter Profile 

Creating a strategic twitter profile is key to improving brand awareness. Such a profile will help build trust with other Twitter users as well as your customers. A lot of thought must be put into deciding how the profile picture is going to look like. The profile picture must be such that it arouses the curiosity and interest of users and followers. Write a clear concise bio explaining what your business specializes in, its products, brands and/or services that your company offers. You need to get your business verified so that users and followers appreciate that your business is an organized credible business. It is a great idea to get a blue verified badge on your twitter account. Also your profile should be linked to your business web page. This enables you to achieve greater reach to your followers and potential customers. Accfarm is one good place where you can buy accounts to boost your Twitter presence.

Using Hashtags Correctly

Hashtags began with twitter and they should be used correctly for them to be most effective. Hashtags enable users to find your account quickly and also facilitate the classification of  your content into suitable categories. 

Studies carried out by Twitter show that  inserting hashtags into tweets increases the engagement rate by over 45 percent. Great care should be taken to ensure that hashtags are used correctly, for example there should not be too many of them. One  or  two hashtags per tweet should be sufficient and remember also not to use spaces on hashtags. Another important point to keep in mind is to avoid the use of punctuations on hashtags. 

Scheduling your Tweets

It is vital to schedule your tweets intelligently. There are two things to consider here, first the time of day you should tweet. This is determined by your target audience, for instance, if you are targeting teenagers do not post during morning hours because most teenagers will be busy at school or college during these hours. Rather try to tweet in the evening hours. Secondly, know the days of the week to tweet. Studies show that posts of both alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages for example, are best done late Friday afternoon. 

Another important  thing to consider is the frequency of your tweets. It is a good idea to tweet regularly, say, once a day. This is important because that way followers will not forget your business and its brands, otherwise competitors will take away your followers


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