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Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Leadership Inspires Excellence at the Ritossa Family Office

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A great leader is able to excel under any circumstances. Great leaders provide inspiration to others, always lead by example, and maintain positive relationships with their team members. A business leader retains top talent that, as a result, helps the business’s success in its mission and expand its reach. Sir Anthony Ritossa, Chairman of Dubai-based Ritossa Family Office, is an example of one such exemplary leader committed to making a positive difference in the world.

“Living a life based on impact will position leaders as a force for excellence. On a personal level, I strive to embody a consistent strong work-life balance, which I believe is healthy and an essential key to success. The Ritossa Family Office is dedicated to supporting every one of our valued team members through mentorship and ongoing programs that support personal development,” Sir Anthony states.

Igor Grahovac, Director – VIP Relations at The Ritossa Family Office, reveals that “Meeting Sir Anthony was a life changing experience. From day one, he acted as my mentor and put me on the right path in life. He is honest, humble, kind, and treats everyone he meets with the same level of respect.

Sir Anthony’s philosophy reveals that it is particularly important for him, as a leader, to be approachable, accountable, communicative, and be empathetic together with his co-workers. As a result of Sir Anthony’s mentality, his team is driven and energized at work and have a sense of belonging within their company. He empowers his team on an individual level and encourages their ongoing growth and achievements.

Pabin Tarem, Sir Anthony’s Personal Assistant, comments that “Sir Anthony’s motivation and kindness are a few traits that make him the great leader that he is today. A simple thank you is just not enough for me to express how grateful I am for his continuous support over the years. He is my mentor and everything I have achieved after joining the team is because of him. After speaking with our team, it is clear that he cares about their growth in ways that they feel most comfortable. Therefore, he allows them the flexibility to create the environment that best suits them, in order for them to thrive.”

Sophia Molino, Office Manager, explains that “During my time at The Ritossa Family Office, Sir Anthony has been an inspirational leader and mentor who continues to motivate me, as well as the others on our team. I am truly appreciative of the many ways he has led me to try new things and be the best version of myself.”

Sir Anthony’s integrity and honest communication allows his team to place trust in their chairman and company. According to his team, Sir Anthony provides them with the leadership needed to feel togetherness and security in the workplace. As a result, the Ritossa Family Office team is close-knit, successful, and representative of quality over quantity – all results of the exceptional leadership of Sir Anthony Ritossa.



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