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Why the Weight of Your Business Card Matters

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Business cards are still relevant and incredibly important if you want to give the perfect first impression to a potential connection. While connecting with people during events helps, business cards seal the deal because they become a reminder of the person who gave it.

Since business cards can determine how memorable you will be to the person you hope to connect with, the more distinct your card choice, the better. A common mistake most people make is inattention towards business card weights

Sometimes, people become so preoccupied with the design and final look of the card that they forget to consider its ‘feel’.

Importance of Business Card’s Weight

You might be wondering if the weight of the business card is critical enough for it to be considered alongside the design and the colours. I assure you that it plays a significant role in helping you establish yourself in a person’s mind and achieve your goal.

  • Interacts with the Sense of ‘Feeling’ on Multiple Fronts

As I mentioned before, a business card’s weight directly interacts with the sense of feeling, automatically failing or succeeding to make a memorable impression of you. However, this interaction is not a simple matter of how heavy or light it feels.

When deciding your business card’s weight, take time to choose the materials the cards will be made of carefully. Not all materials will have the heaviness or lightness you are aiming for. Therefore, your final selection will also have to consider textures.

Thus, when a person holds your card, not only will they feel the weight, but they will also get to run their fingers against the material capable of attaining this weight. With the right combination of weight and texture, you can set yourself apart from everyone passing their information in less memorable manners.

  • Affects the Final Finishing

Since you will carefully select the material of the business card to get your desired weight, the decision will also affect the final finishing. Some people try to finalise the finishing look first and then make the choices in reverse to ensure they get the expected results.

Irrespective of your methodology, it is notable that its weight will affect the overall look of the business card you give to establish your impression.

  • Impacts Durability 

Some materials are more durable than others, and the best option is to select the ones that will last longer. In addition to affecting the look of the business card, most of the heavier materials used for making them are also incredibly durable.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a fix, try going for the heavier material so long as it meets your remaining quality criteria.

  • Reflects Personality

A card is like an extension of your professional self; hence, choosing the right weight is a critical part of the process. Choosing too light a material might send a flimsy impression, making it difficult for you to establish reliability.

In contrast, a business card that is too heavy will weigh down the carrier and make it inconvenient for them to keep it. Inconvenience is not something you would want a potential business partner to associate with you.

Generally, it would help if you struck the right balance by opting for a slightly heavier card since heavier materials are durable.

  • Ensures Sturdiness

The problem with getting lightweight business cards is that they can easily bend or crumble under the slightest pressure. Therefore, your card’s weight and material also affect its sturdiness. Ideally, choose an option that is both durable and slightly flexible.

Please often fit cards into wallets which can make the card bend slightly. Your card should be able to withstand this impact without losing its shape.

How to Choose the Right Weight for Your Business Card

Your business card’s weight will have the same unit of measurement as paper, which is Grams per Square Metre or GSM.

What Is GSM?

GSM measures how many grams a single square metre of paper weighs. Heavy materials with higher density will have a higher GSM value, while the lighter ones will have a lower value.

For reference, a high-quality leaflet weighs 120gsm, so any card you choose should be between 300gsm and 400gsm. 400gsm is both sturdy and expensive, so your choice will depend primarily on your affordability.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, your business card’s weight can affect its effectiveness; therefore, you need to invest both time and money into finalising the best possible option for yourself. Of course, you will also need to take the other aspects like design, business relevance, etc., into account to ensure your business card is the best reflection of your brand promise.


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