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Beyond Borders: The Attraction of Affordable Dental Veneers in Colombia

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The global market for dental veneers has grown to be worth over 2 billion US dollars and shows no signs of stopping for the next decade.

By 2032, Future Market Insights predicts that the dental veneer market will be worth around 5.3 billion US dollars, making it a highly lucrative niche in the dental industry. Numbers like these may not be surprising to dental patients who have had dental veneer procedures in the United States, where the cost of dental veneers can average around $1,000 per tooth. This can lead to total costs of over $10,000 for people who need full veneer treatments on 10 or more teeth.

Although dental veneers have a reputation as an expensive procedure in the United States, many dental patients in America and other countries are discovering the existence of high-quality dental veneer treatments available elsewhere in the world. For some, these alternatives are just a stone’s throw away in South America. One South American country that is slowly developing a reputation for affordable, but world-class dental veneer treatments is Colombia. 

In Colombia, dental patients from the United States can save hundreds of dollars on dental veneer treatments, since they can find porcelain veneer treatments for as little as 350 US dollars per tooth. Prices may vary based on factors such as the location of a dental clinic, the material used for veneers, and the difficulty of the procedure, but patients can generally expect significantly lower prices than if they had sought dental veneer treatments in the United States.

Despite its more affordable price, Colombian dentistry does not skimp on quality, since dental work is regulated by Colombia’s Ministry of Health and Social Protection and held to international standards. To become a certified dental professional in Colombia, aspiring dentists must complete a 5-year graduate course to earn their DDS degree and complete 1 year of mandatory government service. The skill and expertise of Colombian dentists are exemplified by leading figures in the field such as Dr. Andrés Arias, the dentist behind the Andrés Arias Rehabilitador Oral chain of dental clinics.

Dr. Arias is part of a line of dentists educated at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana School of Dentistry, one of the country’s most prestigious dental schools. After graduating from the university in 2014, he dedicated his time to studying dental aesthetics and prosthodontics, finding a specialty that would come into play when he opened his first dental clinic in Neiva in 2018. In addition to procedures such as dental implants, tooth whitening, and bichectomy surgery, he became known for specializing in dental veneer treatments.

“My goal is to achieve natural-looking results at affordable prices,” Dr. Andrés Arias commented. “Pricing in Colombia has given us the opportunity to offer world-class services at a fraction of the cost in other countries, so we have been working on giving international clients the best possible experience.”

Dr. Andrés Arias went on to open a second clinic in Neiva in 2021, which became known for its all-black Space Age aesthetic and its use of cutting-edge technology for aesthetic dentistry, such as intraoral scanners and computer guidance for implant placement. Recently, Dr. Arias has expanded his practice into Medellín, opening another clinic in February 2023. In order to accommodate his international clients, he has made an effort to organize transportation and hotel stays for clients coming from abroad, contributing to the growing momentum of dental tourism in Colombia. 

Dr. Andrés Arias and other highly skilled dentists in Colombia are leading the charge for a new generation of dental professionals with an international reach. Colombia’s dentists are willing and ready to receive potential patients interested in being part of the new wave of dental tourism. If you’ve always wanted to get a radiant smile without emptying your wallet, Colombia may be your next ideal destination. 


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