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Firefighter to Fitness Instructor: Darren Placid Shares his Story

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Darren Placid, a man of many talents and numerous successes, is a firefighter, a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor and an online fitness coach. He is a man with a rich history and a promising future, and this is his story. 

 Darren is of the opinion that fitness is unending, and that you always have the chance to set yourself new goals and accomplish them. His life is a testimony to that sentiment, and one that he shares with those he teaches. To make fitness a way of life is what he considers the greatest achievement, and this does not have to become an actuality immediately, but rather be a long journey full of discovery that can be sustained for life. 

Where did it all begin?


He was born on the 24th of February 1984 in England where he has remained as a firefighter for the London Fire Brigade for over 15 years, despite his other endeavours in the fitness industry. This does not mean to say that he has not made a name for himself out of the country. To the contrary, in his seven years in the fitness industry, he has taught both classes and at major events all over the UK, but also in countries such as Spain and the Canary Islands. 

Even though he speaks both English and French, he originally anticipated that a language barrier would be a massive problem when teaching foreign students. However, he has found that fitness has only one language. Demonstrating well and making sure that there is great music in the background is key to making sure that it comes easily to people of all nations. 

Why venture into the fitness industry as a firefighter?

According to him, the shift was natural. Firefighters have to be exceptionally physically and mentally fit because of the nature of the job. They have to have the ability to be at incidents for hours without end, and bear witness to things that can be too disturbing to the average person. This can prove difficult, and Darren has had to deal with many of these situations. It is through fitness that he has been able to train his mind and his body to stand strong even in the face of adversity. In his mind, fitness and firefighting walk hand in hand and being able to impart his knowledge in both areas is a boon to him. 

What are some of his notable achievements?

Darren is no stranger to success. Not only is he an international fitness presenter, but he also placed 6th in the World’s Fittest Firefighter games in 2007. He played in the English FA cup for Heybridge Swifts in 2003, as well as running the London Marathon three times. 

Personal Life:

Darren loves sports and he plays football, basketball, golf, and loads of fitness challenges. In keeping with this, he admires sporting legends including Muhammad Ali, Anthony Joshua, Pele, Dewayne Johnson, and Michael Jordan. His favourite brand is Nike and he serves as an ambassador for the brand. 

Old school garage music is definitely his jam, but he still loves all genres of music. As he is no stranger to travelling, he has been exposed to many different locations and cultures. However, his favourite city is UAE since he loves Dubai, and his preferred city is New York. 

What is it that he cares about and stands for? 

He is a man who stands for equality in all professions. No man is an island, and we live in a diverse world which should be reflected in every workforce. He says that “no man is born prejudiced or racist, so it is our duty as adults to educate the children of the future about fairness.”

Where will the sands of time lead?

It is Darren’s hope that in the future he is able to do a collaboration with a celebrity and make multiple workout DVDs. However, for now, he will be teaching spin classes in Fuerteventura for one week only in May 2021. 

Want to learn more?

Follow him on Instagram @darrenplacid or on his personal website For some enjoyable and instructive videos, be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel


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