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Inspiring Life Journey of Usman Ashraf, a Rising Star in the Music World

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It takes years to create a successful music career. To clarify your goals and make them happen, you’ll need patience, perseverance, openness to criticism, and even some failure. One such story of determination and tenacity is the story of Usman Ashraf, a young talented music artist who spent his life immersed in music from the age of six.

Practicing the older and known tunes on the guitar from the age of six, Usman soon started creating his own music. He loved spending time working on new pieces instead of going out, playing with friends, or having any other extracurricular activity. His passion for music knew no bounds, and at a very young age, he realized the importance of other talents related to the music career. He started working in a chorus and joined dance clubs at school to improve his stage performances. Usman joined medical school after high school, even when his heart was in making music. He was afraid of financial instability and the struggling period of a musician’s career. But it was just a weak moment in his life. He soon recognized his inner need to make music and quit medical school.

Usman now believes that one cannot live his life behind a musical instrument. Success in the music industry has a lot to do with who you know, and the individuals who can help you aren’t going to knock on your door. Get out there and meet some folks who might be able to help you open some doors. He encourages the upcoming artists and suggests them not to be scared to take risks and be afraid to get shot down. There’s nothing wrong with hearing ‘no’ in the music business – in fact, one should grow used to it. The bottom line is that you don’t get anything unless you ask.

There is no stopping his talent now. He invested himself fully into his music. From creating new tunes to making new remixes, everything Usman makes is a piece of art. His music speaks of his life struggles, fears and insecurities, and his inner thoughts. He wants to produce music to inspire people and add happiness and serenity to their already struggling lives.



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