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John Walsh Shares Why He Decided To Become A Musician

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As someone who loves everything associated with music, John Walsh believes that music is something every individual is fond of. Small or big, music does play a role in everyone’s lives. Whether it’s just as a background sound in a cafe or a need during long car rides, music is always there. Here are 4 reasons why John Walsh decided to become a musician:

1. Stress reliever 

Research shows that music has proved to be a helpful resource when it comes to stress management. Slow and relaxing music in the background tends to lower stress and anxiety levels by releasing our body’s happy hormone, also known as dopamine. Thus, music can be the cheapest and easiest therapy to opt for at times of distress. It will be available during any time of day, for as long as you need. Especially during uncertain situations like the current global pandemic, music has sought to be a helpful tool for all those isolated. It tends to make people feel less lonely, and boosts up energy levels in a short amount of time.

2. Exercise buddy

Listening to music while exercising is a common habit for all. Whether it’s zumba, running, or just a slow walk, music has become an essential need for all. The reason behind this is that music functions as a distraction in these times. It helps us stay focused while providing fun during any physical activity. Moreover, research has shown that music reduces heart rate and blood pressure after any physical activity, thus boosting the body vitals back to normal after an intensive exercise.

3. Avoid boredom     

As music is available 24/7 in our pockets, it serves a great purpose in reducing boredom. Whether you are home alone or stuck in traffic, you can use music to pass your time. However, for some, listening or playing music eventually turns into a hobby. As a result, it is a great way to pass time and engage with friends and family as well as enjoy it in isolation.


4. Helps in learning  

Often children are taught alphabets and names of continents through tunes. This is because research shows that listening to music activates certain areas of the brain that eventually help in learning stuff as it has a positive effect on memory. This is why we

often tend to remember memories associated with songs. So if you are struggling to memorize something new, then put it into a song and see the results! 


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