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Viral Influencer Meharyar Khan talks about his online success

Sailun Tires

Meharyar Khan is an Instagram influencer with almost 2 million followers on the platform. Being one of the first few people who started to grow pages on Instagram at a time when social media influence was not a common thing, Meharyar recalls his first paid promotion being from a dating mobile phone application, who back in 2013, paid him $4 for a 24-hour post on his account. Now 8 years later, Meharyar is known to be one of the top meme page moguls on Instagram. “In just a few years, I have seen the digital space around me grow exponentially” he claims “Ever since Instagram has been acquired by Facebook, a lot of new features have rolled in allowing digital creators like myself to grow our audiences making the platform more business friendly.”


Being from Pakistan, the road to success has not been easy for Khan. Especially since the influencer community is filled with people from the United States and Europe; countries where there are a lot more business and investment opportunities available in this field. However, Meharyar has not let this hurdle stand in his way to success. Since he has been on the platform for so long, Khan has become friends with people all around the world. These people help him regarding any business problems that he faces online. “Networking really is a beautiful thing. You can learn so much talking to the right people. However, building trust online is hard, but once it’s there you are presented with many opportunities to learn and grow.” Khan suggests. 

The internet has allowed amazing personalities like Meharyar to showcase their talents and compete in such digital markets globally regardless of their geographical boundaries. The success story of Meharyar Khan proves that if you are determined enough, you can overcome any hurdles that come in your way. He welcomes anyone interested in doing what he does to feel free and message him with questions on Instagram @meharyar.


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