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3 Easy Games You Can Pick up and Play on the Go While Travelling

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Travelling is always exciting – an opportunity to see unfamiliar people, places and sights, spend long stretches of time outside of your comfort zone, and expand your perspective.

However, when you think about this time in theory, it’s easy to imagine that the entire time will be spent proactively like this. That’s not always the case, and there might be a great deal more downtime than you’re expecting to find.

Therefore, it does you well to come prepared. In this case, preparation might come in the form of games that you can easily pick up when you’re travelling. This doesn’t mean you have to play them if you were hoping to be immersed in the travel, but it’s good to have the option.

Blackjack and Card Games

Easy, familiar card games might be the easiest to pick up – for a couple of reasons. First of all, games like blackjack have incredibly simple rules that everyone has some familiarity with, regardless of how regular a player they are. Secondly, it’s something that you can partake in even if you’re travelling alone due to its inclusion through platforms like, which are accessible from your phone either via web or app.

If you do decide to explore Jackpot City, you might quickly encounter a whole other host of games that are available here. While you might initially be only interested in the card games, being able to play other favourites is never bad, and doing so through such a trusted and regulated platform might be the optimum method. This particular platform is also trusted by regulators from around the world, which might give you the encouragement that you need while doing your own globe-trotting. 

Long-Form Campaigns

If you are leaning towards games that you can access from your smartphone, however, potentially due to the ability to pick them up and immerse yourself in them without the need for company, saying you have a choice is a bit of an understatement. However, what you might think about choosing between to begin with is whether you want a game that’s going to take you some time to complete or something you can complete in one sitting, again and again – like blackjack.

If the former sounds more interesting to you, looking to ports of classic role-playing games like Final Fantasy VII or Knights of the Old Republic might help to give your downtime an immersive flair that allows you to associate with these games and their evocative scores – which will stick with you long after you’ve returned home. 


If those short-form games sound more like what you want, however, due to the lack of investment required, you might turn your attention to rogue-lites. Games like FTL: Faster Than Light, or the Binding of Isaac, can allow you to engage in ‘runs’ that take an hour or two to complete, offering variety and strategy along the way. This can allow you to compress the essence of the game into changeable segments, perhaps working within the time that you have available much better. This might appeal to you more if you don’t want to risk the gaming aspect becoming something that takes over any aspect of travelling – encouraging you to keep your focus on the exploration at hand. 


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