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The best casino fashion that people can wear

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The movies have long been most peoples fashion guide to visiting a casino.

Which means if you’re a fan of James Bond, you’ll be thinking you need to wear a tuxedo or full-length formal gown with diamond necklace to attend one.

However, while there was a time when going to a casino was only for the rich and famous, the reality is now far different. Today, anyone can enjoy the unique atmosphere and thrill of a night at the casino without the need for expensive formal clothing, as casinos seek to become more accessible and welcoming.

Early casino dress codes

Back in the early 20th century, opulent casinos opened their doors in Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and more.  A strict formal dress requirement was enforced to create cultivate an atmosphere of elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity. That meant evening wear for men and formal gowns for women. 

The relaxation of casino dress codes 

As time progressed, casinos relaxed their dress codes in order to attract a wider customer base. By the early 1960s, jacket and ties gave way to smart casual, while women could wear day dresses or evening skirts.

Today, cultural attitudes have changed, and casinos have become more accessible and popular in order to appeal to a wider range of people. Establishments understand that formal wear can put many people off visiting and requires customers to plan ahead. 

Therefore, if you’re visiting a casino for the first time, there’s no need to worry. Most establishments have a more relaxed, smart casual, dress code which means everybody can visit and try their hand at poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, and more. Here’s our guide to what exactly smart casual looks like.

Smart casual 

Often referred to as semi-formal, this attire is the perfect balance between formal and casual, and can easily transition between day and evening events. Ultimately, smart casual is about adding a little polish to your everyday attire, while remaining relaxed and comfortable.

For men, the basis of any outfit starts with trousers. Chinos, smart black jeans or suit trousers are all good options. Clean lines and a tailored fit are what you’re looking for here. Combine it with a dress or work shirt, or even a smart polo shirt to complete the look. Adding a blazer or jacket can add an extra layer of sophistication and helps elevate any outfit.

Ladies might consider pairing a comfy pair of trousers with a dress shirt, or a dress paired with flat shoes. Essentially, smart casual is about balancing your look with a combination of smart and casual pieces. That could be a relaxed pair of jeans combined with a smart shirt and blazer and even heels. 


Regraded as the most common casino dress code, semi-formal requires women to wear a trouser-suit or even a cocktail dress. Men can opt for a dark coloured business suit and tie, however some establishments are more relaxed when it comes to wearing ties, especially during the day.


A more formal event would see a black-tie dress code enforced, although it is rarely required for most casino goers. Women will need to wear long evening dresses and heels, while men will need to go the full James Bond and wear a white dress shirt, black bow tie and dinner jacket.

White tie

The most formal of all the dress codes, a white tie event is usually reserved for exclusive private parties. Here, men will be wearing a white dress shirt, white bow tie, white waistcoat, plus black jacket and trousers. Women are expected to wear a long evening gown, typically with accessories such as tiaras and gloves.

Fashion tips

  1. While you can dress down for some poker rooms, smart casual attire is the best way to go. It allows you to experience all the excitement of the casino floor and not just the poker room. So, if you want to try your hand at all the exciting games a casino has to offer, smart casual will ensure you get the full casino experience.
  2. With so many games on offer and great restaurants and bars to choose from, a trip to the casino can last several hours. Therefore, it’s important to consider wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in for a long period of time. That includes shoes too, so pick something smart but comfortable. If in doubt, consider what you’d normally wear for an evening out at the theatre or a smart restaurant and you won’t go too far wrong.
  3. To make sure you aren’t turned away at the door, it’s always a good idea to check out the casino dress code before you visit. Visit the establishments website for more details and to avoid any confusion.

A trip to the casino is a fun and exciting way to spend some time. By following our tips and dressing up, you’ll be full of confidence when you hit the casino floor.


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